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Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Never Judge A Book By Its Cover."

" Wahh.. Never thought a ganster like you also can accept Christ ah.. "

" Ehh.. Anybody also can wan okay. It's just up to the person whether he wants to accept only ma.. "

I was so touched when i heard that. AMEN brother. Amen indeed.  :)
You'll never know how proud I was at that moment.  Jackpot. For LIFE.  

Thank you God for being the awesome God you are, even able to change people like these because of Jesus Christ. 

*sheds tears of joy.

You'd never comprehend. 

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GOD is in control, 1:36 AM.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Suddenly, I don't feel like it anymore.  

Pretending it never happened.  Like how you do it best.

Get outta ma mind.

ONE more day.

Pray for what God has impressed on your heart.  


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GOD is in control, 12:16 AM.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

There Yet?

for a moment i thought i was there already.

but i've come to realise, that it's never that easy.  i probably will never get there.  
cliche as it is, it's not about how fast you get there,  it's about the journey there.

as it hits me, i figure out that that's not the most important thing in life. gotta live for things more worth it.  FOCUS.  :)  

on a different note, i miss floorball.  darn.  

koperal zoe, coming thru!  :D

they will come when it's time.
of add maths and office hours, the hols were not bad-lah.

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GOD is in control, 6:07 PM.

Facing the Giants.

Division One's coming up.  FOUR more days to be exact.  


you guys can do it.  
go show ztec what you're made of.  

We're behind you guys all the way!

*gets pom poms and cheers.  HAHAHA.  

I wanna watch them matches.

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GOD is in control, 5:04 PM.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Church Camp '10.

Camerons.  :)
Pictures do the talk.  lol

Day #1.  VAIN!

Sarah ; Me.  (:

sheeners.  :)

So Yi Xin got high. And so did I.  xD

HAHAHA.  sorry. seriously very high.  lol

The awesome foursome of our dorm-[some].
Dorm 2 ftw!

Sarah ;
Lydia ;
Zoe ;
Yi Xin.

I mau do hair lah. Don't disturb.  LOL

Day #3.  

So we had 'Sarung Nite'.   Oh look, a monkey.  xD

PANCAKES and BANDUNG, anybody?  :D   

Sarah ; Zoh-Ee.   =)

Zoe ; Yi xin.

I love you.  :)
*huggies tighttt.

Sooo.. the book of contemplation and study throughout the camp was..
*It is a BEAUTIFUL BOOK mind you.  xD   *inside joke. lol

Yes, loads of stuff was discussed.  And Mr. Chew Eng Huat.  
(Y)  serious weii.   he can quote bible verses to the dot.  like without refering.  =O
It was indeed refreshing.  (:

*Oh ohh, and like, I was the only one walking around with short pants on at night .. while everybody else was shivering under their jackets and jeans.  (Y)
I likeee.   xD

pro shot.  xP


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GOD is in control, 2:50 PM.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cry Me Out.

Training today was awesome as usual and i couldn't resist blogging 'bout today before going on with the scheduled posts. BAHH.


anyways. training was held at pbsm. 9.30 - 1.00.  BUT, as usual, we arrived.... LATE.  xD  
listened to weird songs while having our usual LOUD conversations in aso's car.
good times.  :D

we had passing and push-ups at first.  no more sprint, cross leg, back-track, push-up, defend and lunge.  it was more towards technical stuff. then we had some defender attacker steering drill.  :)   girls partner with girls.  as usual, either sonia or pei.  :D
wonder what will happen when there's only one girl during training.  hm.

had the two attackers on one defender drill. and the juniors got taught how to do run-passes.  *they're called play-ups, no?   whatev.  

game time.  being excited to revive our oh-so-dead FFC blog, i was lent sonia's 8 megapixel camera phone to take shots of training.  ohthatwasfun.  :)

played with the seniors occasionally. (ohthatwasfuntoo!)   they did killers HAH.  :P

selepas the official ffc training for today, some of us practised shots.  YES, i practised wrist shots again.  gotta get the feel which i'm not getting yet.  haha.  

went to makan near rgbc after putting back the goal posts.  TRISTAN JAMES.  better WATCH OUT.  the NEXT TIME.  that mermaid / hippo ah.  mulut tak habis habis.  LOL.    gossiped AS USUAL.  xD

HAHAHA.  thanks to jason, he was saying something about michael being mature.  oh lol.  GUYS.  tsk.

ky sent me and mikey while aso sent tristan home.

got home, rushed and headed to church for yp. alan was talking about purity.
pure ==>  unblemished, clean, undefiled. etc.    you geddit lah.   we played frisbee today. but it started to rain so BLEHH.  

world cup today. second day weii.  let's see.. i'm supporting:..

spain, brazil, argentina, italy, france, england and maybe protugal.  :D   
that's.alot.i.know.  :P

i still like pixie lott.  :)

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GOD is in control, 1:16 AM.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Today. was an AWESOME day. why?  cause..

i finally played floorball.
after one whole week of not touching my stickkk. and after getting all pumped from reading all the old FFC blog posts that were oh so interesting.  :)

So it went like this...

Bangun pagi gosok gigi, minum milo, empty tummy, pergi rumah daniel boey, kacau dia sampai mati.  xD

went to boey's house at nine-ish.  kacau-ed him got ready and headed to the cemmented community hall area.  practised our wrist shots and had a load of nonsense back there. got bitten by mosquitoes. alot. 10 sumth-headed back to his house and simon was awake by then, lazing on the sofa. started doing taste tests on the drinks in his fridge. like comparing which juice was sweeter [lol] and having my 100 plus.  :P   selepas membuat havoc, i pun, balik rumah.  :D

chilled and got ready for relatives' visit.  when they arrived, we had lunch and talked.  YES, i played tap tap on my cousin's i-touch and lost badly.  CHEH.

later, at about six-ish, linken came to pick me up to his place to practise my wrist shots. YES, i know. i'm obsessed with wrist shots. WHY?  cause i couldn't seem to get them for a long timeee.  reached there, didn't set up the goal post in the end since there wasn't much time so we just trained shots.  Ken ken taught me tricks and gave me tips and pointers about each type of shot, the right techniques and about execution. " Get you TECHNIQUE right first, then only ACCURACY followed by POWER.."   somehow i kept doing power first, then technique and last accuracy.  hence, i did very lousy shots.  hahaha.  so memalukan. LOL.  obviously, we fooled around ABIT while doing the shots. how can you not fool around when there's linken??  
kao giak sent me home about 7-ish.  

FOOTBALL HAS STARTED. world cup.  the first match is gong on now even as i speak! type.  XD  

~waka waka people.  :D

so anyhoo, today, the 11th of june is DON SHAKIR the lame's birthday.. yupp, he's finally my age.  xD   BOO.

thank you for all your randomness, lame-ness and stealing my pwn points-ness. The brittish accented italian wannabe, pro defender of contact, fatty who likes to eat cookies and cream, pro piano player and president / vice president / assistant secretary / treasurer / assistant treasurer / ajk of CLUB GAME.  

i wish you a very happy birthday.  :)   yes, too bad you couldn't come for training but oh well.  one on one still on. MONDAY kay.  don't embarrass me.  :P

daisy ducks!  LOL.

scheduled posts: camerons church camp pictured post and laporan aktiviti club game yang pertama.  

labor omnia vincit.
labour conquers all. love what you do.  enjoy the fruits of your labour.  

Thank God for people like you.  :)

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GOD is in control, 11:00 PM.

As I Am.

Pixie Lott - If I Changed.

*Spoken with brittish accent.  :)
- What's the matter with you, you seem so sad? Didn't he take you to the movies? 
- I just don't get it.. He says I'm not this enough, he says I'm not that enough.. Why can't he just like me the way I am? 

If I changed for you, would you like me, like me more? 
If I came to you, would it be different, than before.. 

Verse 1: 
Don't wanna let get go but you've got to know,
what you're asking o me is impossible,
it's up to you if you want to see this through and take me as I am. 
(Do it do it do it my way) Take me as I am (Do it do it do it my way) 

If I changed for you, would you like me, like me more? 
If I came to you, would it be different, than before.. 

Verse 2: 
If I did it your way, you should say I would,
it wouldn't be me and you'll see me unhappy,
someday you should understand the way I am.. and take my way. 
(Do it do it do it my way) And do it my way (Do it do it do it my way) 

So if changed for you,
it wouldn't be good so I guess I should ..
Change you.. 
(Do it do it do it my way) Changeeeeee you!
- Cos I'm gonna replace ya baby (Do it do it do it my way) 

I Cant hate you any longer baby - This mess wont make are life stronger .. No No No No No gotta move on, with or without you .. yeahhhh.. 

If I changed for you, would you like me, like me more? 
If I came to you, would it be different, than before.. 

(Do it do it do it my way) My way baby (Do it do it do it my way)

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GOD is in control, 6:55 PM.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Kao Giak-ness.


- "move aside, linken rolling through! "   

- turgid butt.

- 260! and counting.  :)

ken ken you amuse me.  xD

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GOD is in control, 6:59 PM.


It's over.  Thank you.  

" But you put on quite a show, really had me going
now it's time to go, curtain's finally closing..

that's was quite a show, very entertaining..
but it's over now.

Go on and take that bow. "

i miss you lah.  

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GOD is in control, 1:09 AM.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why Georgia.

Silence implies ignorance.
Acknowledgement signifies awareness.

what have you got to say?  that sarsi is nice?  true that.   xD

Familiarity breeds contempt.  

Very evident in our daily lives. Our actions, speech and thoughts.  We often forget  the value of those things which are of utmost importance just because we hear them ever so often.  Don't be deceived. Remember these things. Meditate on them and think about them.  There is a reason why they're hammered and drilled into our thick skulls.  Do no be ignorant.

Delusions of grandeur.  

Do not overestimate yourself.  Get back down to earth. getting all puffed up and full of yourself is not gonna make things any better.  Humility.

sorry this makes me seem like some geek writing nonsense.  hahah.  but oh meh.  read la please.  something might hit YOU.  

this is the cutest thang ever.. I LOVE this little kid.  a whole lot. i want my child to be like this too.  SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTEEE.  :D


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GOD is in control, 5:15 PM.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I love it when it rains. I love the smell of rain. it gets you so refreshed.  you feel so good. 

and you can sleep very nicely.  x)

'rain' was one of the topics given for our english essay writing.  no i didn't choose it. cause i had too little time to think of someting bombastic.  but my essay would've been something like this:

About a girl, who'd been in the hospital ever since she was young cause she had some illness and it hurt when she moved her lower body. they had tried to carry her on a wheel chair outside before, but it hurt too much that they couldn't take her out off her bed at all. she always looked outside the window of her hospital room, observing what happened on the other side of the white walls she knew too well.  sometimes, she would see faint little droplets falling from the sky and was told that it was called rain. she had always longed to feel rain.  only being able to stare at it at a distance from her bed to the window, she wanted more than anything else to be able to go outside for once.  to see how other kids lived and to feel the soft patter of rain on her skin.  to be able to jump in puddles of water and to carry an umbrella all seemed like a faraway dream that would never come to materialization.  *blablabla...*     so anyhoo, in the end, they sumhow manage to wheel her outside one day, and it so happens to be drizzling.  and she lifts up her face to the sky, closes her eyes, and feels the soft rain drops hitting her forehead and cheeks. " Ah, rain.  Rain at last.  It feels so good. "

BUT. i hate it when it rains and you wanna play outdoor games.  especially tennis and captainball.   boo.

good night.

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GOD is in control, 2:34 AM.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thrust Frust.

i am depressed. very. confused. super.  at some point i just felt like dying. but then i quickly scraped that thought away. LOL

i don't know. i feel it will end soon.  not the way i would've wanted. i've been so selfish all this while.  it's harder than i think.  i look at it now and envy them.  crap. i am sooo depressed. 

advising you guys. was so easy.  but now that i've come to the actual situation, i just screwed everything up.  what is this.  ZOE.  you-are-dead-meat.

I miss floorball already.

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GOD is in control, 1:56 AM.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girls Generation.

thanks to certain persons, i am now liking GG.   and i thought i never would.  o.o

GEE, RUN DEVIL RUN and OH.  are playing in my mind. and were playing in my mind during the physics exam.  ngeh.  yupp, they are HAWT.  :D

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GOD is in control, 4:35 AM.

Recently. :)

.. i messed up my mid-year exam papers.  blehh.

.. i got to know new people.

.. i lost my memory cards. so i'm starved of using the camera.  o.o   can die weih.  i miss vaining.  xD

.. i got alot of cool stuff. lame but cool.  i wish i could post it up here.

... i felt like playing floorball.  no, actually that one everyday. not just recently. LOL

.. i am gonna go on a strict diet. again. blahh.

burnt out.

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GOD is in control, 3:21 AM.

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