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Monday, January 24, 2011

Talking to the Moon.

"A boy gave his girlfriend a challenge; to live a day without him & if she did it he would love her more. The girl agreed and she didn't talk to him for a day without knowing he had only 24 hours so live because he was suffering from cancer. She went to his house the next day tears falling from her eyes as she saw him lying in a coffin with a note on the side:

'You did it baby, you can do it everyday.' "

"Old people at weddings always poke me and say "You're next." So, I started doing the same thing to them at funerals."   ROFLOL.

Tried taking a moon shot that day. Turned out not too bad. :)

Inspiration: Bruno Mars.

I am currently occupied. Verreyh bussay.  LOL

Finished BM folio.  D:

CNY next week!  :)

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GOD is in control, 8:57 PM.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jehovah Jireh.

Today's the day i get so touched. So, surprised. So.. speechless. 
Thank You, LORD.

Lighter note, Care Group outing YESTERDAY!   :D
@pasar malam.  :P

Great time with 'em people. 

Hooi Siang. 

Chic Pea Heng Kor.

Mah Ling and HS.  Totally like sister like brother.  xD

Stephenie ; Me.  :)

The LORD provides, the LORD is real.  The LORD is in control.
Psalm 23:1.

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GOD is in control, 4:51 PM.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

His Beautiful Timing.

"If you truly believe in God's beautiful timing, then you would wait and wait on Him alone."

- Friend.

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GOD is in control, 7:37 PM.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I-have-aweshum-nail.  :D

Talking to the Moon ; Bruno Mars.  <3




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GOD is in control, 9:31 PM.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

In Ma Head.

Random bits of songs stuck in my head for some time now. been singing 'em like crazy. :D  Sadly, most people don't get meee.  LOL.

"I feel the sun creeping up like tik tok."  - Please Don't Go ; Mike Posner.

"Take my hand, close your eyes, With you right here, I'm a rocketeer...
Let's fly, fly, fly, flyyyyyy."  - Rocketeer ; Far East Movement.

"Two.Zero.One.Two."  - 2012 ; Jay Sean

"Cause baby you're a firework, Come on let your colours burnnn."  - Firework ; Katy Perry.

"All eyes on me when I walk in, No question that this girl's a TEN. Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful..
Aye, now do the pretty girl ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCKK!"  - Pretty Girl Rock ; Keri Hilson.

LOL, I've been singing the 'now do the pretty girl rock' part over and over.  NOBODY gets me though.  THAT SONG ROCKS.  *points to previous post. :D

my brother was so adorable back then. I was.. SMEXY.  and my dada?  he's HOT.  :D


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GOD is in control, 1:41 AM.

Monday, January 10, 2011



why don't I have a super hot cousin-of-a-bestfriend who lives in Penang whom I can go for prom with?  D:

And now I'm wondering whether to even go for prom.  Hm.

All eyes on me when I walk in.  :)
Superlikin' this song. 

Waking up and reading a text from you first thing in the morning makes my day.
It really does.  =)

GOD is in control, 9:15 PM.

Friday, January 7, 2011


People used to say I looked like a malay in baju kurung last time.

What with the tanned skin thanks to being under all that sun back during my tennis days.
Mom even used to call me Aminah. LOL

Currently: Missing you.

Floorball tomorrow!  First training ever for SWAT floorball club.  :)

Forget you.

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GOD is in control, 11:16 PM.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Remember.

I remember the times when we used to walk together along the school corridors.
I remember the times when you used to look at me and tell me I was a leng lui.
I remember the times we used to text till late at night and you'd fall asleep without replying. And the next day you'd feel guilty and say sorry. 
I remember that time you guys came over and we walked down to play basketball ; that time you walked me back home even though we were very late.
I remember the times you'd stay online just to teman me on MSN. 
I remember the times we would sit down together, and you'd teach me how to do the rubix cube. Or the times I'd fake trying to 'protect' you cause I was the Tai Ko and you were the Sai Lo.
I remember that time when you had to walk me back from band practice and I fell down and cut my lip. You were so worried and lent me your hankie to wipe the blood off so my mom wouldn't notice. And after that you called just to make sure I was fine.
I remember the days when you'd text me and tell me I suddenly came into your mind for no particular reason.
I remember that I was scared crazy after watching the horror video Melvyn posted. You were there to comfort me and I felt so much better.
I remember the times you'd walk by class and I'd stare at you as if you were a hero. Or the times you'd wait outside class for me, so we could walk down together for recess.
I remember how you'd always ask if you were disturbing me everytime you texted. I somehow do that too, nowadays.  
I remember the times I'd look at you and call you the childish one of the lot.
I remember event days in school when we'd go around the school just talking about stuff after prefect duty.
I remember how I'd used to miss call you to see if you were awake.
I remember the times you and I used to call each other sayang
I remember the one and only time we held hands in bilik agama.

I miss all that. And it's all coming back to me now.  I miss you.


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GOD is in control, 5:44 PM.

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