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Monday, August 31, 2009


i have sumthing new. here.

29th august wud've marked michael jackson's 50th birthday. if he were still alive. i'm a fan. i love his dance moves, his songs, and his music videos.

MJ is HAWT. haha. that's what i told yee. x)  i mean, his personality aside.

too bad he cudnt have been on earth longer? but yeah, i guess he'll remain in alot of ppl's memories. especially when i c ppl like preetem and mervyn. thank GOD for them. they reli bring smiles. :D u shud c them in class man. LOL. ahaha.

saturday,..mm..sumthing different. i love u, gaik sim! :]  my nutty JIE. hahaa. ♥s..

depression. hehh. i hate that feeling.  >.<   mehh..

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GOD is in control, 5:00 PM.

Saturday, August 29, 2009




yes yes, today is the birthday of SOMEONE SPECIAL. xD   (lol. sounds wrong)

to the one..

    • who goes swt swt swt and donkey!! all the time..
  • i jus wana let u knoe, that u're a fantastic fren. and life wud be so much duller if i hadnt met u. all those crazy, nutty, sweet, bitter, happy, sad, painful and MEMORABLE times we shared will ever be cherished. luv u hun, like a chocolate bun!

    BLeSsEd 15th BiRtHdAy, CaMy LaU HeR YuAn!

    of camy and zoe. :D

    Camy dengan dia mia bf. :)

    her latest. hahaa. me likeyh. xP




    and and not forgetting,..


    the one hu calls everyone else DEAR. :D

    the one hu is sweet like honey. 

    GOD bless u always, take care. (: *hugs*


    ~hope that u guys have wonderful birthdays. *winks*

    p./s. to the budak that mei you li mau, GO AWAAYY..

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    GOD is in control, 11:49 AM.

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009


    oooohh.. post on TUESDAY..

    so i was invited *ah, so honoured* to go and watch UP. but i cudnt make it. =( blehh.. but it turned out for the better. thank GOD i didnt go! ahaha.. so yeaahh..the guys went for tuition. near my house. hahaaa. so was asked to go out with them aftr their ttn. as in, WALK. lol. the plan was to go to jo-nyee's and we go for basketball.

    haaaa.. so in the end i went. :P told yean i was going to nyee's, but he was going out. so nyeh.. another time hun. (:

    yeaahhh..so before going. xD

    i just had to do that. x) nonsense. I KNOE.

    Ran all the way to our meeting point when i got the sms. ;) was fun. guess wad? i saw KER SHIN on the way!! ahh. darling, miss u. :DD ngee.

    met up with them aftr like 3 mins? >.<>

    so wt went nyee's house to kacau her..and the three of us went to chee yang's house coz he had sum kind of 'emergency'. =x LOL. chee yang's house is seriously, NICE. too bad i didnt have a camera with me that time, or else, ur wud be able to feast on the wonders.. gahh.. :D explored his halaman rumah..

    *sits down and wears shoe*

    *comes and sits next to him*.. u don wana go in the house?

    mm..nahh. the leng lui still out here so i dun wana go in lah. =P

    *looks around* whr's the leng lui?? whr whr? xD

    look in da mirror.. *grins*

    swt.. =.= no mirror here laa. too bad. :P


    eiii, the leng lui inside the hs laa!!

    *ish blur* huhh??

    ahaha.., chee yang's sister laa.. there there!

    *smirks* nooo...

    go into the house laa u... pfft. =.=

    ahaa. don wan, wear shoe de. :D

    so we went to play bball, yeahh.. xD the court was as usual, FULLY BOOKED.so they go main abit of football first. :) then we played some monkey game b4 finally using the court. =X

    then, it got late, so weng yee walked me back. ahh, so cool weih..we talked.. ahh, momments i cherish. =D

    after the walk. i knoe, vain? ahh. i miss my other camera, the one i LOST. =.= watoodo?

    effects of a camera and to a vain gurl..

    have a happy day ppl. xD

    sumhow, we still enjoyed ourselves very much. ;)

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    GOD is in control, 6:36 PM.


    ahaha.. so yeah. i JUST learnt how to edit photos. xD i knoe, OBVIOUSLY not a pro at it yet. but mehh, i TRIED.

    cheeaap. but yeah. pichas in my blog from now on! no more excuses. hehh..

    ahhhh.. my favourite. this was taken back in january '08. i miss that time. KAY-EL! u guys rock. SERIOUSLY.

    of jo-nyee and jovene. :) loves..

    so yesh, itulah experience pertama saya membuat photo editing business ini. :) whee~

    yes, i do love them. :]

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    GOD is in control, 11:04 AM.

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009



    all's well that ends well. :)

    my newest saying:-

    ~a trully beautiful gurl is one that can still look beautiful even after a vigorous exercise. ;)

    true no? hahhh... try and c then u knoe. lol. well, problem with mommy settled. yeah. *hugs*

    i didnt get to say gudbyee to kah wai face tuh face. =( sheesh..*dating?? i mean like..waa??... =.=  slap u err..*

    debz is in sg.:/ grr. she and her bajus ahaha. u look great in them, hun. =)

    i ish teh boreeddd. hols sooo have a problem with me. xD

    "i kissed dating goodbye".. yeahh... the book. u guys shud pick it up sumtime. go read. i'm not yet half way thru,stopped for sum reason. shall resume aftr exams perhaps? :D

    merdeka pichas!! i mauuu. hahaaa. y y? coz ada my picha with him. ehehe..well...*shrugs*

    offcially, the TENO-RIAN GROUP. nuin, nina and me. :D my lovesss. we rock, no? ahaha. hope to get the merdeka pichas soooon. =)

    lee weng yee..

    i rindu u gilaaaa..

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    GOD is in control, 12:12 AM.

    Sunday, August 23, 2009


    so not the best week ever..

    i'm in the depths of depression. greaaattt. well, there's a time to be happy, a time to be sad. and u knoe wad? i'm sad. a time of mourning. i can't believe it. i dont think it's just hormones. it's for real. owh crap, i knoe, u guys are so not gona want to read some gurl's emo post abt nothing. but yeah, leave then. 

    i'm sori mommy. shing, i nvr felt that way towrds u. and i hope u dont too. ur choice, hu u wana listen to. 

    you. i love u. ALOT. 

    yean, yah. so i'll leave? mehh. wadeverrr.. NOT pms lahh..

    deborah, i love u too!. u knoe that. don ever think otherwise.

    ah tin, i missed u. T.T

    y does everyone think i hate them? that i dont love them? is going around prancing like a monkey telling ppl i love them in the face not enuf? is hugging almost anyone i c and telling them that i care for them not enuf? wad isit then? i dunno. hun, thanks for ur support..

    i knoeeee. emo not gud. emmie said don emo. but i cant mengelak. exam stress. =.=''

    Psalm 91

     He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

       I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust. 

     Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence.

      He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

       You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day,

      nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.

       A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.

       You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.

       If you make the Most High your dwelling— even the LORD, who is my refuge—

      then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent.

       For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all yourways;

       they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

       You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

     Because he loves me, says the LORD, I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.

       He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honour him.

       With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation

    GOD i surrender all i have to u.

    i will praise u in this storm,

    and i will lift my hands,

    u are hu u are, no matter whr i am..

    and every tear i've cried, u hold in ur hands,

    nvr left my side, and tho my heart is torn..

    i will praise u in this storm...

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    GOD is in control, 8:35 PM.

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009





    today was uhh.. like dis:

    ~ majlis peralihan kuasa!! yeah babehh!! woots... i'l miss aniq and melvyn and jia ying and jeanette like gila lah weiii...

    altho, having rene is gona rock the bp. xD hahaaass. still,  one is not enuf. :D


    ~agama exam. percubaan. lol. to chee yang and weng yee:-

    ".. ehh, number 18 wad u put ah?"

    "..uhh.. i think i put D lah.."

    "aiyoohhh.. mana ada mia? agama subjective lahhh..ishhh.."

    ahaha. yeah. we rock. xP i knoeeee..

    ~then then, all the f3 and f5 prefects direhatkan weiii.. haha. weird but cool feeling. :D to be like a normal student again. with the blue clothes that is. x) so went to rehat with those two lah.. joshua gila geografi!! ahhh...gona die weih. wondering whether to continue rehat-ing like this onot. =X owh well..

    then then thennnn the biggest new of all...

    FOONG KAH WAI IS BACK IN PENANG!!!! ahhhhh.....woohooo!!

    xDDD hehehh...so yeah, first, i almost missed him weih, (very heart-attacking. xD)

    then, me and camy chit chatted wit him and LEOW JING TONG, ALVIN untuk beberapa lama, kemudian, melissa datang.... dan banyak gossip bermula.. :DDD hehehh.. rite....super fun weih. ahh cant believe that he's actually back!! haha.. kegembiraan yang teramat. :P

    fuhh, so yeaaaa....he's coming back to skul on thurs....ish, mommy din come to skul today!! =S grr... aiyoh, mommy sick. get well soon, SHING YEE darls.. luv u.

    ~fuhh..dominic ewe yean wern replies like SUPER fast kayh. like SUPER. hehehh..

    ~daniel! =X owh nvm u... don stress urself laa pleeeaaseee.... T.T pls pls we beg. aiyoo..

    coz i missed u so..

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    GOD is in control, 12:15 AM.

    Sunday, August 9, 2009


    i STILL gotta feeling.. haha

    so yesh, friday? i had the feeling the it was gonna be a gud nite. lols. singing that song in skul the whole day. haha. n guess vat? it WASSSS great! xDDD

    ytd? haha. nite was can can lorh. haha. chatting with sayang and mommy was cool. :D stop keng-ing me! hahaxx.. ( [hearts] shing and ...)

    i hearts zara tooooo!! whee~

    so yeah, saturday chatting was NUTS. NUTS i tell yah. it's like, when another window opens and u get this blinking blue thingy to indicate that there is yet another reply. haha. now get this, imagine abt NINE or TEN of them all blinking like mad and sum even jus settled down to stagnant blueeeee all the way coz the replies were there so long. xP yeaahhh.. madness i tell yah. lols. and that went on for abt like, 1 hour? or so...fuhh i tell yah. haha. like i said mommy, KEGILAAN YANG TERAMAT. ;D thank u thank u. haha. (inside joke)

    hahaa. ok watever. yeaaa. like anyone's gonna wana read abt thaaatt. xDD

    hurmm.. been spending QUALITY TIME with nina and nureen sayangs. x) whee~ yay my fellow teno-rians. ahaha. crap lah weii. nonsense yang teramat. haha. me love u guys! mwah!

    so here's some stuff i wud like to say..

    to meng meng: *bites* rawr!

    to nyee: whee my love. :D fridaaayyy

    to yean: studehhhh..whoosh. abugan! haha.  BONGY!

    to daniel: jogging!!.. 

    to ...: nyehh.. *hugs* MONDAY! haha. rmb!~ xoxo. haha

    to ng oliver john eun li lobaton *phew*: ishhh. like dat lar! leave me alone to walk. grrrr. wait till sumthing realli happens then u knoe. haha

    to zaa: i wurrrveee eu! hehehh

    to samantha: muax. u.ROCK.

    to camy: whee~ hearts u weih. haha. i love skul rehat with u..

    to emmilyn hannah leong: thanks so muhc for the book honehh! woots~

    yeaaahhh.. gona get get..*boom boom pow!* gona get get FAT FAT FAT!. hehh..ah tinn!!

    so come on, tell me. :D

    GOD is in control, 4:09 PM.

    Saturday, August 8, 2009


    i gotta feelin'..


    hahahh.. that tonite's gona be a gud nite..

    that tonite's gonna be a gud gud niiiitee. xD hehh..

    yean yean yeaaannn. xD   keh keh kehh... u ROCK dear..

    nyee nyee nyeee!!... nice legs! whee` hidding teh fatness. haha. me love ♥ love u, hun!

    denee deneee!! haha.. haha. Mr PEE..

    SHINGGGGG!! mommehh.. i love u mom! ♥s

    haniiinnnn..blog blog yay!

    ah tinnn...horrr.. 

    akasshhh bro!..geo geo geooo!!

    mellem!! hahahh.. soulja boy mellem. xD  ♥

    meng mengggggg!!..BC2009!

    jay serrnnnn!!..haha.. NOTTY

    to those hu made my weekend (friday and saturday). thanks a bunch. :D  *huggs*


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    GOD is in control, 5:03 PM.

    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    glad post.

    a glad post..

    i'm glad..


    1). that the filrting days are over.

    2). i'm glad that u're now talking to me again.

    3). i'm glad that i've such awesome frenz!

    4). i'm glad that i had that chat with emmie that day.. it was meaningful..

    5). i'm glad that i was in the same group as sou shuang. i love u babe!

    6). i'm glad that i share gud times with edith my drunkard. haha..

    7). i'm glad that the God i worship is a living one and an AWESOME one.

    8). i'm glad that i shared with kiekie.

    9). i'm glad that i actually still rmb hu dominic is! <3s

    10). i'm glad that i met tasha!

    11). i'm glad that i asked him and went on with the plan. :) thanks gurls. muah.

    12). i'm glad that i finally got msn.

    13). i'm glad that i'm the type hu can laugh at her silly-ness and admit that i'm crazy.

    14). i'm glad that GOD has given me talents in a few ways. and i hope to use them wisely for HIM! (no, i dont mean to boast. xD)

    15). i'm glad that shing yee helped ALOT. thanks mommy!

    16). i'm glad that i have a mum hu corrects my grammar. :P

    17). i'm glad that i have so many things to be glad about.(haha. this is so cliche)

    18).i'm glad that i got to knoe camy. xD and we were uber-ly close last yr. coz she's a great fren. thanks hun! *hugs*

    19). i'm glad that GOD gave me brains. hahahh..

    20). i'm glad that GOD created me the way i am. and even tho i dun have exactly the BEST body, i'm grateful. xD and i thank him. THANK U, GOD!

    21). i'm glad that i can appreciate gud food. like sushi, oysters, chocolate, durians,  strawberrys, ham, bacon and EGGS! lol

    22). i'm glad that i have daniel as a fren, coz he's an aweosme one.no matter how much i don show it,  i love u, boey! :D

    23). i'm glad that nyee sits next to me in class. :P huahuahua.. 

    24). i'm glad that lee weng yee likes me back! 

    25). i'm glad that i have a roof over my head. xD

    26). i'm glad that i met uhh.. shu chern!

    27). i'm glad that i met MELVYN, SUSU, JEANETTE, JIA YING, DURGA, UMA and ANIQ. coz they AWESOME ppl! i'm so glad that melvyn was in the prefect's borad this yr. gonna miss him weih! hahahh

    28). i'm glad that dad decided not to block and ban me from the internet. :D

    29). and i'm glad that zara and i look alike. xD well, sort-of. haha. (altho she may not be too glad abt it.)  and i'm uber-ly glad that we're the only TWO pigites in the worlddd. so far. ahaha. xD i love u dear!. :)

    30). i'm glad that i have ah tin to teman me on9! and hu gives me uhh, lameee compliments too. :P

    well yeah.. crappy post i knoeeee.. but i'll post it up anyway, coz i knoe it'll put a smile on sum ppl's faces. i hope?? mehh..


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    GOD is in control, 9:01 PM.

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009


    soooo.. i was asked to update.?  .____.


    rihanna - te amo

    taylor swift - coz u belong with me

    shayne ward - some tears never dry

    planet shakers - running to you

    david archuletta - zero gravity

    jordin sparks - battlefield

    kris allen - no boundaries

    kris allen - apologize

    kris allen - she works hard for the monehh

    black eyed peas - boom boom pow

    michael jackson - smooth criminal

    sean kingston - 911

    enrique iglesias ft ciara - taking back my love

    miley cyrus - the climb

    nicole scherzinger ft will.i.am - baby love

    beyonce - halo

    bo bice - the real thing

    leona lewis - forgive me

    U2 - pride in the name of love

    david archuletta - a little too not over you

    casting crowns - praise you in this storm


    jordin sparks ft chris brown - no air

    linkin park - new divide

    steven curtis chapman - i will be here


    not enuf time wit u..

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    GOD is in control, 12:04 AM.

    Saturday, August 1, 2009



    well, my bro jus said smth so funny weih. lol. we were racing up the stairs and as i was ahead of him i went: 

    "... last one up is a rotten potato!.."

    and he was like:

    "...hahaha..noonoo!! last one up is the one hu gets all the treasure and is the smartest in the world!.."

    there was a momment of silence as we scrambled to the computer room, and then we burst out laughing.. haha.. owh, wad fun times. :D i shall look back at this and smile. i love u, bro.. lol. no matter how i totally may not agree with that most of the time. but ahh.. still. *shrugs* he's my bro, vat can i do lah? ROFL.. haha.. and my bro went:

    " yeah riiiiteee.. i wish lah. xD.."

    ahh gud times, gud times... x)

    well, was totally on the brink of emo-ing de weih...and well, ahhh.. nvm.. shant go all emo-ey here. :D soo not the place now. haha. thanks melvinder. :P    thanks a bunch. ^^

    well.. juezz said he wanted his name in my blog, so here goes.. to JEZZDIN CARR..bin.........hehe..

    be proud! coz ur name's in blog? yeah ryte. :D

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    GOD is in control, 11:57 PM.




    so yes, i've finally updated my LINKAGE. swtttt.. u ppl ah. wasting my time oni. haha.. xDD this week was fun. =) hahahh.. emmie said don emo,so i shant. ;) i love u, babe. hope u had fun in kl? mehh..ahh.. 

    well, HILARY FINALLY has a BLOG!!  woots~ lol go click my links for it. =P

    CF meet ytd was great. thank you miss SHARON! hahahh.. when praying to GOD, u must have a balance of ACTS. : A-adoration, C-confession, T-thanksgiving and S-supplication.  tq again hun! and thank u teacher sarah, for bringing her for cf. :D

    today today! ahh...sumbody's supposed to come on9. xD 1st of AUGUST. dunno whether he might. owh well..

    exam results? HORRIBLE. xD don't ask. :P  trials? sept first week. ughh.. big exam? one month after.. =_=

    study study study.. yeaaahhh.. watoodo? dad said tahanlah, jus two more months oni..i jus need u to concentrate for TWO MONTHS MORE. and i'm like..oowhhh.. >.<  haaa..

    today, woke up, did my quiet time! yes yes yeshh! *punches fists in air* finally, after a super long break, i forced myself to come back and MAKE TIME for GOD. above all, HE comes first. and guess wad? i used the way of prayer sarah shared with us. and it was great. GOD is AWESOMEEEEE

    btw, anyone knoe how to edit a blog template? i dont knoe how to add my blog title lah.can't c my ROMANS 12:2 anywhere at all. :D  sheeeshh.. hahahh..

    so yeahh...that's all fer now. xD haaaa..HAHA. dad and brother jus said sumthing uberly funny. LOL weih. xD well, things are going kinda cool for now. =)

    miss me! 


    lwy sayang. :)

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    GOD is in control, 4:06 PM.

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