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Saturday, May 9, 2009

choir competition..

we had fun! owh yeah..hahass...so yea..we went for hoir comp this yr..in dewan sri pinang..

..we wore :-

curtains/blankets/amir's grandma's table cloth?

  LOL..haha...jus kidding..but we did get som not-so-nice feedbacks abt it...especially from the whole choir team...hehe..aiyah..nvm lahh..at least we beat air-asia! lol..jk ppl..=)

haha...so we went there..n syamil was crapping..=/..as usual..haha..he was like, ehh..zoe, u go there, *insert words here* n seduce the judges...bla bla bla...*all the judges were men f.y.i..)  if  that doesnt work, n we c one of them not responding,.......then we send PLAN B!TEIK HUI

hahahh..that was like so funny..n suddenly...pn hanne comes running up n says:

"okie..i asked the judge the criteria..n they said...we'll give marks if they are pretty n they hit the last chord right...i tried to "seduce them dee..not working"..

so our conclusion was....they're all gays..nyahahahh...xDDDDD..so syamil said..."teik hui!! get out there n do ur stuff....it's all up to u..."...

walao!..so funny weih..main highlights lahh..

tok tonns of pichas with jezz's camera..thank you...pity sam lerr..so mannee of her pichas got deleted.  =/...T.T..*cries*..hahaxx...owh well...

n yeah..we sang jalur gemilang (again..)  n tie a yellow ribbon round the ol' oak tree..yeah, u're probably thinking..ooh! wad BORING songs...sure lose wan. ;) hahahh....i tell u ppl! dun play play kayh! we got 6th placing!! that's like..A.W.E.S.O.M.E...for us lah at least...sixth in the whole state was totally unxpected..n yesh, we din even think abt that....n well, i for one, am a truly happy person to know that....consindering it's my first yr in choir n we did so well...( for us lahh...ish..>.< )

so...THANK YOU, GOD! for the great great GREAT things thou hath done!

..pichas are not up yet...will try to get them asap...xD..

*i still have pn hanne's thick n heavy file with me....n the "curtain"...=DDDDD...kekeke...


GOD is in control, 9:43 AM.

Friday, May 8, 2009


so yeah..as said earlier..update on easter conference this year..hehehh..

10th of April was the day of easter conference this yr..we had M.A. Joy to come speak..all d way from india ppl! lol..haha..SNGH lorr..as usual..zaa, felicia, nat, tabs, adeline n christie performed an item..."AMAZING LOVE"..the diminished minor version..gud job guys! that day was also known as "good friday"...the day that JESUS died at Calvary...

11th april.. sports day! had fun..n got thrid 4 4 x 400...hehe...shall not elaborate..n will try harder nex yr...>.<..kekeke..so tired..slept till 6 or 7 sumthin...n dad called the ppl in church up..said we were not going 4 the meeting that nite..T.T..so sad weih..i missed my steph keong's singing performance! aiyak..but owh well..

12th of april!! BIG DAY ppl!  owh yeah..had church in the morning...it was EASTER...the day we especially remember n "celebrate" CHRIST's resurection..he rose from the dead...n conquered death! n if that werent true..our faith wud b futile..n have NOTHING to depend on..so we are ever grateful to JESUS for dieing 4 our sins...washing away our sins with his blood...n hence we can now come to GOD freely..without having to offer sacrifices each time  ;)   get me? LOL..

so yeah...n gues wad??!? big day ppl..I GOT BAPTISED!!!....ahh!!....a big step of faith in a christians life..n when one goes thru the waters of baptism, we obey GOD's command to b baptised...n proclaim to the whole world that we are christians! followers of Christ..

"an official member of the official family"..how emmie put it..=]..luv u, babe...

n i got like, tonnes of presents on that day...totally unxpected...thanks a billion guys!  appreciate ur support n gifts alot!  u guys are so AWESOME...

met up with sum frens..caught up with alot of ppl..n SAM LIM!!!..u STILL havent passed me the zion-ian cd yet! haiyoo..pity the others hu wanna watch it lahh..ish..>.<...hehexx....vatlaa..( n u're not even a zion-ian?!? LOL lahh u..)


youth rally.....well..MA Joy shared again....to the youth this time..abt our salvation....it was kinda like a gospel meeting thingy..iggc came...n sum from BW...saw andrew lee!! n celeste low!!  ahh...that gurl so long nvr c her adee worrhh..walao weih!....miss her man...hahahh.....then we had ball-game...captain ball lorhh..but the field was kinda crowded..

BRGH din come..coz they had to practise 4 ia...lol...n they planned their schedule very early...so kenot change dee lo...=)

cf!  we had planed 4 our one month meet...FIRST one-month meet...on the 8th of MAY 2009....n yes! i shall update on it in the next post...

ROMANS 1 : 16

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