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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bible camp 2008 ~ expedition for christ!...a post from a ZIONIAN's point of view..[PART 2]

ahh..ppl! so sorry for not updating abt bible camp..XD...been too lazy to update larr..so anyways...where was i? ahh..yes yes..


woke up...nuthin much..of course, it was even harder to wake me up...( as the dorm three gurls knoe how hard it is...XD..only the brave n the fearless dare to wake me up..umm, like mel )

we had devotion...breaky..we did deco for our dorms..then another message from andrew...ahh..his messages were gud..n i'm missing them alot...

after discussion, then was lunch...

lols..after that we had the test of wills game..i seriously cant remember wad we did already tho..anybody care to refresh my memory? lol..so sorry lahh ppl..

then..mwuahaha...my favourite game n possibly my fav. part of camp...

FIRE & ICE! - it was the game involving, water guns! ahh..fun lahh weih..seriously..n to all the brgh commitee? gud job! altho i heard that they play this game alot n very often...n in very dangerous ways...i shall not describe them here...but they do off all the lights n play it..urghh..walao weih..scary lahh..

so, me n meng n nat n dan went in for the first n last rounds i think..yeah..we lost to the horebians? but we did beat the moriahans..but almost got pinalised..y??!? u may ask..coz at the end our hostages took off their vests..al tho we already saved them lahh obviously..but then, rules are rules...so, they all kena scolded..n that was when, the devil was breaking us apart again..of course the hostages felt guilty n stuff....n mel was scolding them n all..but haish...it's not gud when melanie ann perera scolds u, u knoe..

ahh, in the end, we got to keep our points..but kena deducted 50 points...even so, we still won..so..okay lorr.....but u knoe wad? all of us think that the judges have a grudge or sumthing against us...coz they kept on sayin that we played rough....reali mehh? we even asked a couple of other ppl..n they said no lahh..ahh..nvm nvm..

the hostages, of course, felt bad larr...n well, we ALL felt bad actually..c?? the zionians got competitive again...n it aint a gud sign..but even though we didnt win, i reali enjoyed my self...especially the last part..when we were helping to clean up n stuff....i think they pushed hooi siang into one of the baby plastic pool thingys....with all the soap n dirty water..hahaxx...n me n meng were chasing each other.....but he had a water gun with him....NOT FAIR!...lols.hahaxx..then jezron looked like he was gonna kill me if he catched me...lol...bcoz i forgot wad i did to him..but i think it was bad....X]....then i kacau daniel oso..n timothy i think...^^..ahh gud times..gud times.

then, there was the adrian siok thingy...XD..LOL.we were trying to transport the little plastic pools to the other side of the field so as to get rid of the water there....(if not the whole ccc field wud b flooded..=P ) n then, the thing was reali heavy....

n siok tried to carry up the plastic pool...then suddenly.....PRACKKK....there was a hole in it....hahahahahhhh! alll of us hu were helping were laughing like crazy....n andrew yew was like.....ADRIAN AHH!...then kels n everybody else was like...ADRIAN AHH!....hahahxx...funny ppl lahh they all..so, we took out more water using a pail...so that it wud b lighter n easier to b transported..he tried to lift it again..n the hole became even BIGGER....LOL...then...it jus got bigger n bigger....especially when we tried to do some brilliant tricks...=)...so, from being the size of my palm...the hole cud fit two people in at the same time..ahhh..funny funny lahh i tell u...too bad we din take any pictures...

at the end...they took a bucket or was it a hose...n drenched me...yupp..i got wet...n muddy....lols..but it was super fun lahh...then, when makan time...i went to sit beside hooi siang n andrew low....i purposely touched hooi siang coz he was all dry lahh...=)

andrew looked uncomfortable too..but..ahh..wattodo? ^^...sori 'drew!

after that...we went to bathe lahh..sure lahh...then, there another talk from andrew..

the first nite talk was abt "THE TRUTH ABT ME N MY TEMPTATION".. this (the second talk) was abt "THE TRUTH ABT GOD N MY TEMPTATION"..

he told us that GOD limits our temptation so that we can have victory over our sinful desires...we shud STOP the sinful desires b4 they lead us to sin / death...

i kinda forgot wad we played at nite..lol...it was so long ago lahh..


the usual...we ran out of ideas for dorm deco...so we did a gurl n a boy...(one for each of our respective dorms lahh...=] )

we even wrote down "hi!! i'm a gurl" n "hi!! i'm a boy"....in case the judges didnt knoe wad we were trying to show..lols...but ahh..all our hardwork paid off...=) tho there was shouting n all...nyahaha..but...aiyak..we knoe our mistakes dee lorhh...n doing the sink was getting harder n harder everyday..=P

andrew gave us a talk abt the CORE PROBLEMS THAT HAMPER SPIRITUAL GROWTH..it had alot to do abt our sinful desires..we shud pull out the temptations n plant in holiness habits..so as to be able to continue to grow in GOD...

after lunch, we had bible csi...LOL...me n titus were the police...n we cudnt get out of the balcony n the building...there were the detectives too...shuang,mel,esther,natalia,waxy?,cheryl,ka lup, JIAN..n a few others lahh...the rest were "forensic HEROES?!?..ahhh! n guess wad? due to our lack of communication, terrible communication (when we had any)..n alot of my hot-temperedness...we din get many clues..n were very much left behind..ahahaxx...n titus n me were the only police hu din get to arrest anybody...lol..

i knoe i knoe...it's reali hard to go around saying abt all my faults n stuff..but ahh, i have to tell it out n not hide it lahh....then only can we knoe wad went wrong...n try not to repeat our mistakes again mahh...as peter ferry prayed: GOD, PLEASE EXPOSE MY SINS!...ahh..it's powerful alrite..n takes alot of will to say..i can vouch for that...

a VERY BIG APPOLOGY to all the detectives..for yelling at u guys...ahh..i was jus, very kan cheong lahh..especially when each time i went to ker shin, she was like...READ THE CLUE PROPERLY...n NONO...n R U SURE? OR R U JUST GUESSING?...walao weih...stress lahh..n sumore we were in the last "cubicle" sort-of...so me n titus had to keep running pass all the moriahans n horebians[?]...stress lahh...reali stress lahh..=)..hahaxx..

n i also jus wanna say: I'M REALI REALI SORRY TO KER SHIN...FOR BOTHERING U!!...i kept on asking questions...n she was also abit anoyyed with me i think...=P...becoz the detectives din have any clue...so we jus tried our best to patch things up..n well, that was wad we got...

overall...we had lotsa fun tho...despite all the commotion n bickering..ahahahh...n guess wad? kels got a new fren: MELMAN..his toy giraffe from the "newspaper side" n meng meng got a doll n a tortoise....reali cute lahh...but i took the big paper scissors that andrew had made....n cut off the doll's hand...we said it was like a voodoo doll...n kept poking it..ahaha...haish...fun larhh...fun larhh..

in the end, moriah won first place...coz their detectives..hooi siang n timoto got to catch the culprit...david,aka....WILLLIAM!....ahahahh...i'm sure all the bible campers rememebr the vid of them interogating william...lol..wad with hooi siang stroking his hair n all...=)..bahahahh...BAHAHAHHH!! indeed!...lols...altho we got last, yi ting said that she was impresed with our analysis despite our lack of imformation n clues...in the end, thanks a whole lot to JIAN, we did get the rite analysis...n found the murderer of JACK...but, tak sempat wanna catch him n besides, we didnt have enuf proof...AND don. and tim. were questioning him...so aiyah....nvm lahh.....=)

but we DID have fun, rite?....lols...after a short break (coz we exceeded the time limit)..we went to play...captainball!!...muahahahh....guess wad? jezron was like...chill chill chill....but he was like so kan cheong...especially when he kept on throwing long shots, which werent very easy for a shortie like me to catch...hahass..

edith scored a  goal for us...i got blocked...n i blocked some others too...LOL...i remmeber blocking yi xin, ern yang n sam lim....i bet they got reali irritated lahh...sooooo sorry ppl...

we LOST lahh..of course..but sumhow ah..all the special events n games all....zions sure lose wan u knoe?..=)..hahaxx...we only managed to maintain some position thnx to our cleanliness n memory verses...altho our memory verse level was dropping like mad...=)..thanks to u-knoe-hu!...nyahahaha...jus kidding, meng..

dinner? i sat with hooi siang n adrian SIOK..lols..bcoz we had this boy-girl rule lahh....so yeah....hooi siang was telling natalie, yi xin n daniel our weaknesses on the field lorhh...then, we got into the discussion abt his "gf"....VINCENT MAH....lols..

after that, we had another talk from mr. andrew cowell...the last of his "TEMPTATION" talks lahh...


he told us to put off our old self n to be made new in the attitude of our minds...

Galations 5:16 So I say, live (walk) by the Spirit n you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature...


 his talks have been reali relevant..n real..but, ahh....after coming back from camp...the first few days were not so bad...it was much easier to control..but after that.....sinful desires were getting harder n harder to control...n i gave in to most of them....haish...it was hard...REALI hard...

we didnt have games i think for group devo...coz well, big bro sam said that we were all tired...(but we werent of course...jus an xcuse for him...ahahahh...=P )

went into the room...then went to bathe...i finally got to use the first bathroom..(the biggest..haha lol)...i was in there for i dunno..REAAALLLIII long..sori peeps hu wanted to use it..hahaxx...haish..it was jus so nice..n well, i was feeling reali sad...n well..EMOTIONAL..hahass...sorry esther, edith n nat! thanks a whole lot...

coz, there was just such a big argument...the day b4..n melanie was scolding all the gurls bcoz we dodnt get first ifor cleanliness...we got LAST!..but more importantly, she scolded us bcoz we were all bz thinking abt ourselves only that we din do our jubs properly....like bed n floor ppl were jus minding their own business..n when nat was doing toilet with emily, nobody went to help....

then, nat's bed wasnt done properly...n rachel tee's bed wasnt too...n shuang had to stay behind to help tuck in bed-sheets n stuff....n then that william had to go scare us by saing that we wud kena minused points if we didnt come down quick...at that time, nat was still in the toilet...n of course, she got reali scared lahh..dont blame her man...reali lahh..already everybody in our group was tense coz we were trailing behind..n we were the lowest among the other two groups...so..if they minused any points from us, definitely sure kena marah wan....so...very stress lahh dat time...seriously i tell u..there was no unity at all in our gurl's dorm..so, dat's y we got last...

it was a lesson that we all learnt the hard way....so, the next day, immediately we alll did our best lahh...n got on top again!..hahahahh...

but, as i was saying, that nite, most of the gurls were in their own group, talking among themselves, n edith said: "this is the worst bible cemp ever.."..which was reali painful n hurting to hear, especially if u're in her team, n u think to urself that it must've been bcoz of us that she din enjoy camp...i dunno larhh..but it definitely wasnt a nice feeling...n..listening to sam's song "hiding place" by don moen, i just broke down..sad...REAL sad..

okayh..this post very teh long..so i shall break it up into two parts, okayh? 

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GOD is in control, 3:27 PM.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


lol..so, b4 i continue my posts, i jus wanna say....



to ~samuel,mel,lynnie,esther,jezron,dan,meng,andrew,li june,edith,rachel,rcst (bed partner),natty,emily khong and ng,tamil selvi,serene,justina,sarah,cheryl,cheng hoi,zian!,charissa,lik sean,sanjay!,waxy,daniel,MENG2,ben yong,titus,josh,ka keng,caleb,kelvin,choon seong,jian,ben chan,steph keong!, steph lee, ying ning,joyce,melissa,rachael,hooi siang and timoto XD,siok!,pao,andrew low n yew,sarah,zara!,ai lyn,may lyn,yi xin!,qu wern,sue ann,sherene,joyce,calvin,kah wei,linus,james....

and the rest from SAGH,SNGH,IGGC,BRGH,SAGC,TGH,BGGH,BWGH,KCC,kota bahru? and ppl from every other church in the world!

n also to everybody else in the world..i LOVE u GUYS!..XD..muahaha..




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Monday, December 22, 2008

bible camp 2008 ~ expedition for christ!...a post from a ZIONIAN's point of view..

so yeah, i shall write about the very thing that spurred me to get this new blog...

lol..my english is gonna be very cacat so forgive me ;)

let's c, we'll start with sunday..(i have a tendancy to blog about long events..and make them even longer) 

arrived at ccc...it wasnt as awesome as i xpected...dunno y..n yes, the days b4 i was so scared that camp this yr wud b dull n boring coz alot of ppl werent going..but u knoe wad? i was wrong about that....i shudnt have only thought abt the ppl and fun..but instead, abt learning and growing in HIM..

i was in team MOUNT ZION!..nat, zian, shuang, mel,serene, emily khong and emily ng..XD,edith, esther, and emm were inside oso..(these were the ppl that i already knew..P )  well...so i wasnt all that unhappy..steph k was in moriah..sad niar..=]..

we had the group cheer thingy, and well, we jus kept on getting hit and our  defense and attack moves were pretty much the lamest...XDDD..hahass.no worries ppl!...we still did great! altho..i think if we were in real battle we wud have lost automatically...LOL

skittle ball din work out altho we were winning coz it started to rain!

after bathing, singing and dinner, we had the first talk from andrew cowell..the first of his three talks on temptations..i thought to myself, aish, this is getting boring..when will group devotion start? and u knoe wat? i think i jus wasnt mature enuf that time..it feels as if, i'm being changed bit by bit, coz now, i knoe, going to bible camp isnt jus 4 the fun and frenz..it's abt listening to GOD word...and growing in our walk with HIM..

group devotion was aite..but, well, we din knoe many ppl, and there was no introduction session, so it felt kinda weird too. i think we played the find a place to sit with ur butt game..XDD..lol..and man, was i fierce!...hahaha..it was a whole lot of butt-banging-against-ppl's-thighs...XD..and edith's toe nail almost came off...urghh..the thought of it...^^...

at nite, i stayed up to do our group banner..lol..(which i think was the nicest among th three groups!)..surelahh..our group was the only group that stayed up to do it...lol..the rest jus cincai do the next day coz this banner got no points wan maa..^^


morning..woke up..well, was woken up by my bed partner and nat...haish..sori u guys had such a hard time...u guys are awesome..th'nx so much! well, u guys DO knoe thta i am a very hard person to wake up...wattodo? i'm a nite owl..not morning (bird?) laa..=P

we did devotion, at least can still concentrate..after breakfast, we went to clean the dorm..as usual i do the sink! well, i prefer it than doing the beds or the floor! ahh...seriously man...then, we had singspiration..and message from mr. andrew.the leaders went to the batu ferringghi hotel conference room or sumthing..i'm not sure lahh..then, we had discussion...discussion helped coz it enabled us to revive our memory on wad andrew had jus said..

after lunch, there was xplorace! lol..we were divided into two teams, one to youth park, and one going to the botanical gardens..lol..i was in the youth park group n we had to walk here walk there and find clues..so hard to find lehh..until finally..FINALLY...wei sheng found our first clue...LOL lahh man...we were like...ahh! DUMBFOUNDED....seriously..then yeah, we were half running..half jogging..saw daniel's group..saw yi xin and sam's group (horeb) oso...then josh came to help us....n we half ran half walked back to the bus with horeb..=.=..lol..and guess wad? we were the last group to reach back to ccc! lol..then, we had to do sum tasks..and then get sum stuff, and build skis! walao..that thing can seriously injure ur leg lehh..=)

after all the normal, dinner, bathe, singing...we had a message on SEX...hahahh..for those bible campers..u guys shudnt feel all that uncomfortable anymore rite? after looking at this word..?..

remember he said: sex is gud...sex was created by GOD..and remember most importantly...it is meant to be performed INSIDE marriage..hahas..n yeah..some of them copied 2 whole pages abt that topic..=)..u go guys!

then, we sang...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO U!!..to natty and sanjay..awwh..sanjay's birthday is actually on the 31st or sumthing like dat...=)..but we still celebrated it larhh..and rachel tee's b'day was on the 8th..but she malu want to stand up..


today, woke up, had devotion..then rushed down to take our camp photo...XD.awwhh..sum of us look weird in the pic...sum look gud..n sum look jus normal and all smileeyy...^^

after our 2nd message from andrew, we FINALLY had our first and last siesta..=)...at the beach i mean..this yr was realiiii tiring lahh....siesta was a real rare thing then..but all the same, it was awesome..

then, we were told abt BIBLE RUNWAY 2008..we got to do the sketch abt QUEEN ESTHER...and i was in the production and directing group..jez was under  casting (but he din knoe anything abt it at all..XD)..nat,emily and wei sheng were under props..and rachel tee, edith, esther and some others were under songs...X]

the casts were as following:-

queen esther:rcst rachel chan! my bed partner..

haman:andrew lee!

king xerxes:daniel!

mordecai: kelvin!

the eunuchs: jezron ma man..n meng meng darling..

the bodyguards were titus and ben chan..and the xtra candidates were natty,zian,cheng hoi and emmilyn..awwhh...miss them loads..

under the script/production/directing team was jian (our leader)..me, shuang, titus..and a lil' bit of andrew..

at nite, we had survivor nite..there was fear factor and some of them had to touch some disgusting stuff like dead squids..worms eww..crickets..froggies!...i forgot the rest..LOL...

then, we did some other stuff...our group had serious miscommunications and breakdowns..n rite up till then..we din realise wad was realy going on..that it was realy all the devil's work..he was trying to break us apart..we put our pride in the way..in that was when Satan took advantage of our situation..

but this wasnt the only time we fell into temptation..

*more to come in the next post!

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GOD is in control, 4:30 PM.

my lifesong..

so okay, i do have another blog, but u may b asking, wad made me want to get ANOTHER blog? well, i was challenged after bible camp 2008, to be changed..a new creation..n not to be conformed to the things of this wrold any longer. 

i asked myself this question, if GOD were to read my other blog, wud he be proud? wud that b the kind of blog he wud want me, as a christian to have?

so, i've made a new blog, to encourage others..thank GOD...n write my thoughts about anything to do with christianity...


i thank YOU, LORD, for everything YOU've given me...

to GOD be the glory forever and ever, AMEN.


GOD is in control, 3:06 PM.

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