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Sunday, May 30, 2010


this guy is totally awesome.  go and listen to every single one of these videos.  :D  especially if you know the songs.  WHOOSHH.

enjoyyy.  :D
I am excited.  HAH.

at the same time totally depressed that exams are still ongoing, ( that is grammatically correct. igoogledit.  :D )

apart from the fact that..


how lame is thatttttt.  =O

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GOD is in control, 3:37 PM.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Let Go.

Letting go is not easy.

                                             it never was...

it's not just giving up cause you lost. 
it's having the strength to move on for the better.

;giving up.

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GOD is in control, 10:57 PM.

Friday, May 28, 2010


title sound depressing to you? yess. but i'm talking about ankles. hahah

yess. i have very weak ankles. VERY. == 

i totally sprained it thrice in two weeks. and yet again last week cause it gave way during training. that's the right ankle.  and guess what?  i over-stretched some ligament yesterday during the friendly. that's the left ankle.   o.o  i have no idea how.  maybe it's the shoes? 

crap. so now i have both ankles painful.  how am i gonna survive.  O.O

can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

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GOD is in control, 7:27 PM.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sekolah Cina.

So there you have it.  Another person, another year older.  :D

And hopefully, a bit wiser.  :P
*sprained ankle and all.

bug eyes. 


continue to be the awesome frontliners coach you've always been.  :)


from fetching kids back, to all the sopy girl songs in your car to your 'all girls generation' craze,  to shouting at 300 on the court,

we all say:  God bless you, kuan yang!  

hope you had a great birthday. :D

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GOD is in control, 12:00 AM.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Exam Stress.

don't be lame on me.

training was super awesome.  got bruises. I LOVE. had loads of crappy nonsense with su rong and tristan.  LOL

yessss. for millionth time and i'll say it again, I love frontliners.   :D
love 'em to the bitty bit bits.  :)

have i told you?  :)
don't think so coz i just realised.

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GOD is in control, 1:04 AM.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


okay. enough about floorball for now.  :)
i miss floorball SO MUCH.

if you happen to be bored and stumbled upon this blog,
get a life and eat some pork.

CLICK.  and play.  :D

good song. will do yourself a favour by listening to it.  nyaaaaa.

"The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want. "

Psalm 23:1

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GOD is in control, 6:31 PM.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I miss you.

whatever happened to we'll never be apart?
and, i'll always be there for you no matter what?

I feel so heartless.  :D

good or bad?

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GOD is in control, 5:30 PM.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Floorball Madness Mania. :D

So i was at innebandy's floorball blog.  and their 'stand up for the champions' song is so encouraging.   you can really see their team spirit when playing. even when they do badly, they pick themselves up. :)   something we all gotta learn.

and i came across this:

The 7 laws of victory

Leadership is responsible
Losing is unacceptable
Passion is unquenchable

Creativity is essential
Quitting is unthinkable
Commitment is unquestionable

Victory is inevitable

*copyrighted or not i don't know.

cool right?  so true. WOW.  imagine if we could all have all these nilai[s] in ourselves.
victory?  definitely inevitable.  HAHAHA. 

I miss floorball so much already.

"every team has their own individual specialities. 
observe, and put into practise."

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GOD is in control, 3:52 PM.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Floorball. Quench Your Thirst.

Honestly, I gotta admit, that I SUPER LOVE FLOORBALL NOW. all this time, I've been waiting for this.  For this unquenchable thirst and hunger for the game. 

But, this craze is partially due to the awesome people in floorball lah. i gotta tell you that 


So to those in floorball, i wanna thank you guys for making it such an amazing and meaningful sport to me.  :D

To Team BEE-JAY.

to coaches chris and penny, to our ajk tertinggi, to the fantastic people in team bj, you guys are GREAT.  our aim is GOLD!

To Team Frontliners 300.

The AWESOME-EST TEAM EVER.  i love you guys loads.  especially all the kids.  :)

thank you sonia and tania for always being there to give support to me.  :D

most importantly, i wanna thank jason lepak chan and pei li kew for guiding me every step of the way.  and for all your faith in me.  =)

and to coach ky, for being the great coach he is.  (:

Thank You, God.

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GOD is in control, 9:41 PM.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Life After You.

when i was first told about you, i didn't really care. neither was i interested at all.

when i was then introduced to you, i was hostile towards you.
slowly. as i got to know you and the people involved with you, i started liking you. my feelings grew stronger and i was happy.  you could solve some of my deepest problems, and everytime i was with you, i felt secure and contented.  

but something changed, i started questioning myself about why i loved you, and what my main purpose was, being with you.

and now, i'm still searching.  but i promise, my love for you is true.  i promise to give my all and my best this time.  the passion and drive is there, and i promise to never give up again, or look down on this relationship.  i love you too much to disappoint the people around me anymore, who have put so much trust in our relationship.  from now on, i promise to be committed to you, and to give my 110% when i'm with you.  i love you, babeyy.

I you, floorball.


I love frontliners 300.  


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GOD is in control, 11:08 PM.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moustache. :)

JOANNIE.  this is for you.
i look like a guy and all but blah. for you i am willing to look like one.  :)

I feel weird. hm.

super sad saturday got no training.  =/

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GOD is in control, 7:21 PM.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I admit, it wasn't all that easy.  and, nope, i don't see any gold there. 

but i am so proud of my teams for giving their best and i'm grateful to every member for bringing us all thus far.

it wasn't exactly sugar and icing all the way, i bet you.
putting up with so many disappointments, misunderstandings and hindrances..

but it was totally worth it

I team Frontliners 300 and Gospel Hall Alliance

do i have much of a choice?

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GOD is in control, 11:52 PM.

Monday, May 10, 2010


admitted. i've been selfish all this while. yes, there were times when i thought it was pointless. like there was no need. i didn't see the whole picture. it's slowly sinking in. i'm trying, gasping for every bit of awareness. that will open my eyes.

i'm praying God will touch me through floorball, like never before.  that a huge revelation will come to me. that i will know my purpose, and when i play, i know what i'm playing for. why i'm there.  and i'll stand CONVICTED.  

i watched glee, and suddenly realised, when you have feet that can stand by themselves and that function properly,  no matter how much you take them for granted, they WORK.  imagine if your feet couldn't function at all.  and you're in a wheelchair. 

i'd stare and regrets will flood me everytime i'm watching a match. cuz i wish i could be there again on court. playing just like the rest.  i'd regret not giving my best, 110% on court when i had the chance.  wouldn't you feel the same?

you may not have the fastest or swiftest or most well-positioned legs ..

but if you give your 110%,  

that could be all the legs you need.

thank you aso.  thank you so much for all you've done so far.  i've realised how much i've dissapointed the people that put so much effort in this.  regrets hit me hard. 

i'm trying and it hurts. real bad.

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GOD is in control, 8:43 PM.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


what do you do when you feel like crying?

when push-ups, sit-ups and lifting dumbbells don't cure your hurt. 
and when you badly need a shoulder to cry on and it seems like no one's there.

when you've fallen down so hard and you feel as if the rest of the world has given up on you?

you smile.
"positive energy don't run in my veins no more."

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GOD is in control, 12:02 AM.

Friday, May 7, 2010

"Sorry Coach."

I was afraid of failure.  

That's why I didn't do the SPIN-OFF.Until I
was forced to.

SORRYYY.  I am so weak.  ish.

i suck

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GOD is in control, 10:12 PM.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Is it?

I finally have to face it. sooner or later. i pick now

the big question is ..

IS floorball taking me away from God?  and my studies?

it's so hard to bring yourself to acknowledge that something so huge in your life is finally taking its toll on you. 

since the time i first got introduced to floorball, it's been close to half a year.  i don't know, i somehow didn't really have a flair for floorball neither did i have a liking for it immediately.  slowly, after constant urging from pei li and aso, i finally made it.  27th february was my first frontliners training.  it was awesome.  

sure.  i love 300 with all my heart.  that i cannot deny. i love the little kids. their like family.  but .. the sport?  i feel so guilty saying this but, 1). i don't htink i'll go far.  2). i've tonned down so much. not an advantage no more.  3). it's tkaing me away from the most important things in one's life.

if ever anything replaces my main love, or becomes top priority apart from God, then that thing has to go.  i say this not because i live it, because i know it's the right thing to do.  i'm not righteous, i don't have a clean record, nor am i perfect.  but the matter of fact is, God comes first.  when i die, it's not floorball i'm gonna take with me.  that's not what's gonna get me to heaven.  

truly guilty now.  HONEST.  kuan yang, if you happen to read this. i know, my bad. i don't know. i guess it was pressure?  i'm sorryyyy. i need time ot sort stuff out.  might be taking a break from floorball to get my priorities straight. 

this stinks. floorball was the main thing i had, considering i don't have a boyf and all.
but right, I DON'T KNOW NOW.  geez i failed. blah.

gotta take a breather. set things right.  if i don't have floorball, honestly speaking, i won't die.  i won't go to hell.  but if i don't have God, my creator,  how can i live a single day?

dilemma-ed. gone.  exams coming.  psshttt.  DIE. 

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GOD is in control, 10:23 PM.

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