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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


it's amazing how much a guy can change because of one girl.

it's shocking how much a person can change in one year

it's awesome how much a person can be changed because of the knowledge of God.

it's wonderful how much a perosn can change thanks to something seemingly insignificant a friend said.

Changes. people change. alot. from time to time. for the better or for the worse.

Changes like these make you think and wonder and ask questions like, " How?" and " Why?" and " When?"
They get me thinking. having people ask you to change or not to change.  it puzzles me sometimes. 

Some people just do 180's. like, TOTAL MAKEOVERS. the nice friendly dude you once knew just turned his back on you. as if he never knew you.

the innocent nerd who once didn't make any difference now makes all the difference to you.  weird, no?  

some people just DO.

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GOD is in control, 7:45 PM.


" my best friend's a total jerk. "

that's what she's probably thinking right now. heh.  i'm sorry.

u wanna be mad about it okay fine. it was my fault anyway.

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GOD is in control, 3:31 PM.


i have no mood now. i don't love anybody now. nobody's fault.

i hate it like this. grr.

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GOD is in control, 4:47 AM.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my dude.

dudeee. i miss you. alot. although u may not know it, or think i'm irritating / annoying / small blablabla, i miss you. HAH.

and i thought it was just a camp thing. heh. funnayyy. great now everybody knows. hahah.

i miss us.

oh really?

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GOD is in control, 12:47 AM.

Monday, December 28, 2009


I have no cookies or hugs.  So don't like me. What a great way to end 2009.

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GOD is in control, 3:15 AM.

Blessed Christmas.

God bless you guys this Christmas. remembering the birth of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.  it's not just about gifts and turkey and candy canes and santa claus.

There was a reason.

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GOD is in control, 3:12 AM.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Bible Camp.

bible camp '09 was a BLAST. seriously. would love to blog about it now. but ah. i be so lazy. so i shall use the excuse that i haven't gotten all the pictures yet. so i shall wait till the photos are up. :D   yes, i lazy. :P

yeah. as usual, RED team won yet again. every year pun macam tu mia.  =)  weirrddd.

i was in the same group as melissa teoh and stephanie keong. the three noisiest people in camp. waddya expect?  lotsa nonsense and screaming in the dorm. xD 
not to mention having a super cool and high big sis tabitha teo.  :D   we love you all.  =]   spent precious momment and long talks with emmie. and now, i'm her new BODYGUARD. beware lemuel low!  i'm watching youuu.  xP

i did learn some things through the messages. "for everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial". and "wisdom is saying the right thing at the right time".  yeah. easy to say eh?  

and yes, we lost. we got last. how cool is that? but we didn't mind. cuz we had a great BIG BRO. BB was the one who gave us words of semangat. to help us pull through all that loss. xD

and guess what? our fantastic amanazing BB this year was none other than LEE KAH WEI!. yes. i can tell you. everybody in our group learned something about losing, winning and not giving up. encouraging one another through tough times.  and it was thanks to BB we never gave up.  even ah guan said he learned somehting from BB.

so, to tabitha and kah wei, WE LOVE YOU BOTH VERY VERY VERY MUCH! it was great having you guys to lead us. 

yeah, currently planning reunion with the guys. stress weii. LOL. facebook groups are up. photos in the process of being uploaded. yes yes. i can't wait to see you guys again. 

stuff we will treasure from camp. aka, inside jokes. =]  :



3. xoxo. gossip girl.  xD

4. whateverrr..

5. remember our strategy ah!  have fun!

6. losing is nothing. the spirit of winning must always be there, but don't get too competitive. if we lose, WE LOSE TOGETHER!.

7. amazing grace.. xD

8. mamma mia and honey honey.  *highest momments*

9. ME TUBE. :D


xoxo. :)

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GOD is in control, 4:01 PM.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Talk To Me.

what do you get.. when.. *dotdotdot*

waking up early in the morning to go for prefects meeting + not eating lunch + having a tooth ache = a very VERY lethargic zoe.

yes. not to mention getting demoralised by some people. ish.

physical appearances aren't everything, zoe. thank God for what he's given you. at least you've got two feet to walk. sheesh. ungrateful little kid. 

sorray. just stating the obvious. the TRUTH COMES ALIVE. baaah. *does the steve erwin accent*   

typing intensely when suddenly zara's msn window pops-up. owh lol.

speakin' about zaras.. (yes zaraS)   i luff zara. haha. she knows that. but i don't think YOU do. and now we know.  xD     yes, my dear girl's in the land of the tagalog-speakin' people.  why'd yah have to go?    *cries*   */wrist*    LOL.

nah. i shall just ramble on here.  chirstmas card making. in-progress.  yupp. shall SHOW them OFF when i'm done.   :D


where'd ya go?  i missed you so. seems like it's been forever, that you've been goneeee.  so come back home.

i hate mosquitoes. ugh.

and just when i thought i liked you..

currently listening to breathe, two is better than one, smile, ignorance and talk to me.

yeaaahh. talk to me - keri noble.  GO CHECK EET OUT.  i so love it. xD

bible camp. eep. TWO.DAYS.TIME.  :O

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GOD is in control, 9:34 PM.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grow Up.

i need to. i'd better.

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GOD is in control, 3:59 PM.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby Some Tears Never Dry.

yeah. it's almost 1 am in the morning. and i'm still on. 

crap. depression is creeping in again. ugh. 

bible camp seems so near yet so far. and i want both at once. 

baby, some tears never dry.

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GOD is in control, 3:54 AM.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye.

Been extremely lazy to blog. yes i have. smack me, i give you the right to. xD  


SUKPEN. was the bomb. If ya'll don't already know, we went for sukpen and represented BJ.  :D

yes, newcomers, with exceptions. li pei, boey, sonia, eureka and lisa. the rest were very new.  :)

we got into the semis, lost to innebandy and ztec (again).  so we got fourth lah.  still, which was very good?  but also cause the only other very good team in our group was ztec, and we had pei and boey. if not, we couldn't have gotten that far. 

yes, it was fantastic. met eulene and sarah there.  had a great time going crazy with them.  =]

a million thanks to chris and penny, team BJ's coaches for helping us and being there to give support and encourgement. :)

to pei li, sonia, boey, eureka and lisa. for helping to bring our team up.

to sharon, eulene, sarah and beverly for providing cheer when we were tired. 

congrats to to li pei, who got the award for being the all-star defender or something. greaaaat.  xD


moving on..

BIBLE CAMP is like, FIVE DAYS AWAY!!  bible camp!! bible camp!!  lol.

abit high now. this year i promise you, is going to be a blast. very close, alot of bonding and FUN. i won't let anything ruin it. please no arguments again. like last year.  

GOD is gonna be with us!  I pray that He will touch every camper there. That we'll learn and grow. totally.  i can't waitttt. :D


made up my mind. FRONTLINERS it is. next year. i've gotta cut down on other activities if i'm gonna commit.  great. *cries*

just when i thought i was high and could go even higher, depression brings me down. 
seriously, i think alot of people are gonna die of depression one day.   -.-

i'm here for you man. dude, don't dieeeee

you try to look happy,
so that the one depressed doesn't become even more depressed.
but deep down inside, you feel exactly the same way

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GOD is in control, 1:54 PM.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Always having to be that cheerful person, when your friend needs you the most. being there for your friend. it's perfectly fine. 

but has your friend ever wondered how you feel? how hard it is to keep cheerful and give you advice?  when she has her own problems.

sometimes, being a close friend is great. and having one is fantastic. but have you ever thought about that person's own feelings?  whether she has her own problems? do you ever bother to ask?  

i'm sorry. i don't mean to be such a pathetic loser. but yeah. i feel like that right now. 

and yeah, my thoughts are in a mess right now. i'm very mixed up and not thinking very straight. forgive my unorganised post. blehh.

i am gonna die of depression one day. not suicide, like that footballer though.  :)

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GOD is in control, 1:47 PM.

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