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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Because Blood Is Thicker Than Water.

So I went to visit my loved ones during the Deepavali holiday week. :)

Of shopping, eating and crying.  :D  By crying I meant the baby crying haha


My weirdly painted toenails because I was so bored while my sick Dibo was asleep. haha

Gelato from 1Utama! Not bad, to me, it's something of a cross between ice-cream and a slurpee, but much thicker and stickier. Didn't do much to quench my thirst that day, but still, thank you ku cheh, for buying it! :)  Had avocado and mango flavours. :D

Heheh. Three of my finger nails before I the top part started peeling off. (As usual, me being me, I can never ever keep nice nails with nail polish for a long time.)

Dad was holding the camera, first time vaining for him, hence the face. :P

Food, food, more food. :D  
Ipoh food rocks!

Us being lame. Was Ming's idea to pose like the clothes hanging on the lines.  HAHA I FAIL! 
Look at my high face. :D

Yeh yeh and Mama!  :D  

My babies!  :)

Mr. Annoying. hahah

Lady Red Lips.

Cutest baby in the worlddd! :D 

This girl is so much like me. :')  
What a waste her eyes were closed. :P

This kid has so much swag I have a hard time keeping up with his swag level. 

Ohana. :) 

So yes, those were the pictures I took during the week. Too lazy to elaborate cause you'd probably get bored anyway.

All in all, it was good week. Missing everyone of them right now, even as I type. :)

Hope ya'll had a good week!

GOD is in control, 3:31 AM.

Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm Gonna Dance.

Hello people. Will update soon when I'm not so busy. 

Spending my time with awesome people right now. :)

GOD is in control, 4:11 AM.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Obviously, on the days that I actually am busy (or have to attend events), I am too tired to blog. Hence, the lack of posts for the past few days. :D

On Wednesday, I went for Emmilyn mummy's Asian Cultural Exhibition in KDU with Daniel. :) Too bad we didn't get to take any pictures hahah (or rather we forgot to. :P)
Then, I went to Sze Lyn's house to eat PIZZA and discuss Prom details.

Thursday was 'rotting at home' day.

Friday, went back to INTI for rangoli competition, in which we came in second placing. Amazing, definitely didn't expect to win. God is good. :)


The winning Rangoli by INTIMA: 

Really nice and creative. :)

Joke of the day! 
HAHAH in the end, the guy who made this put a troll face in the box while he was presenting his rangoli. *facepalm lol

 Our rangoli. A peacock on a lotus flower, two mangoes (kidneys hahah), a lamp and many tea candles to represent light for the festival of lights!

Then went for BJ's last CF meeting and later on for awesome BJ BAHAYA training.

Today, went out with Sarah and Melanie to Gurney and shopped for hours!

Guess where we went for desert after our lunch at Burger King! 

TONG PAK FU. But honestly, I think I prefer Blackball still. heh 

Sarahhh.  :D


Melanie and Me being awesome. :D

After that, went to church for Bible Camps trials. Had a good time with the girls and the YP.

So tireddd. Diwali coming soon! That means it's yet another busy period.  AND EATING PERIOD.

GOD is in control, 2:15 AM.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Please Don't Come And Go.


'Cause I am barely breathing,
And I can't find the air.
I don't know who I'm kidding,
Imagining you care, and I could stand here,
Waiting a fool for another day.
But I don't suppose it's worth the price,
Worth the price, the price that I would pay.

But I'm thinking it over anyway.

GOD is in control, 5:14 AM.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How Gee; Big Bang.

Hello, lovely people! I guess I have been keeping to the 'updating-my-blog-daily' promise so far. Well, my life is definitely pretty uneventful, as nothing 'big' has been happening. But I did manage to do some things which I was not able to do throughout the year, or before my exams. :)

Watched The Big Bang Theory today. Hilarious, I must say. :D  OH SHELDON IS AWESOME. heh

Watched the latest episodes of Once Upon A Time and How I Met You Mother today too. Glee's next episode is coming out on Thursday, YAY.

Love that crooked smile of his. ;D

HEHEHEH. Bananana phone. :D
Yes, you read correctly, bananana. 


Thank you very much, Christopher Koh for introducing me to this really, really cool new series.  :D  

Next up, we have:


Yes, he is the hot version of Captain Hook, not the typical sly ol' long-haired pirate with the big pink hat and absurdly fluffy feather (which reminds me of a thick fluffy cat's tail, swishing back when forth when he talks and moves his head) and pointy strands of hair for moustache. THIS:


The version from the Peter Pan cartoon.

In Once Upon A Time, the new Captain Hook (who often refers to himself as Killian Jones (rather than Hook), is much HOTTER and nicer (or so it seems, up to now). :D 

Regarding The BIG BANG Theory, (note BIG BANG in block letters heh) SHELDON.. IS THE BOMB.

HAHAHA I watched this episode today. The one when Sheldon tried to smile. 
'Less teeth'.  :D :D

Andddd.. I managed to go for a short jog today. Like, really short. Physically and mentally very unfit. :(  Gotta train more. Much more. 

Yes. I am very unattractive when working out / jogging. HAHA Oh who cares anyway. 

Well, gonna read soon I guess. Tomorrow might be more eventful. :) 

GOD is in control, 12:49 AM.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Back, Igeon Jangnananya.

Aju ppeogigayo aju ppeokppeokppeokppeok ppeogigayo,Dulman bomyeon nado mollae ppeogigayo ani sonigayo,Urigayo? neon ppeogigayo! :D

Like thi-thi-thi-thi-thi-this, yo!  :D

Short random update.

Happy belated birthday, TOP oppa!

GOD is in control, 4:11 AM.

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