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Monday, November 30, 2009

and and?

lol. if ya'll don't already know. i'm BACK. haha. so yeah. went to ipoh. :D

and guess what?

went to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. dad went to preach there. :)

the youths and worship team were preparing themselves for worship. and i saw this guy, that looked EXACTLY like yean. from the back. curly hair, body built. WHOA. just abit skinnier though.  fuhh. kept staring at him during service. dah la he was sitting right in front. 

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

till 20?

i miss you already. i can't wait till 20 lah. it's too long.
can i start now? :D  didn't know i wouldn't be able to wait though. wanna go jog? xD

did you ever feel that way in the first place?
or were those JUST WORDS?

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Friday, November 27, 2009

what i want for christmas. xD

A).  A
Chelsea Jersey. Doesn't matter, latest one or older design. Vintage is not wrong. bahah.

owh wow. 

B). A day at the beach. With YOU. whoever you are.
love beaches. 

took these at CCC earlier this year. model? serene ch'ng.

i know, i'm good. HAHA. sorry, i'm high.

C). STUFF. clothes, accesories. blablabla. NOT FOOD.
     please no.   >.<   as if i'm not 'slim' enough. HAHA.

There, i told you what i wanted for
Christmas / my sour Sixteenth.
Don't ask anymore. haha. KIDDING. (sheesh, you people take me too seriously. xD)
Anything else is fine. Nothing is perfectly fine too. lol. just well, what would make me happy. :D   or happier.  (:

Shall be away. till Sunday. MISS ME. or I shall kick / slap you. Like how i shall kick kyle if he doesn't miss me. :D   

Hopefully i shall come back in ONE pice. unless i get in a car accident, and die early. Then, I shall go to HEAVEN faster. yay me. :P

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GOD is in control, 1:35 PM.

Blessed Belated Birthday, Zararabowawa. :)

i'm sorry this came so late. but yeah. wanted it to be special. :)

21st October 2009.




the list is endless i'm telling you. but for now, that should do it. xD

To the..

  ♥ only other pigite in the world.

  ♥ SISTER who understands me like no other.

  ♥ one who looks like me that i look like. xD

  ♥ one who loves COWS.

  ♥ one with the dual postcode butt.  (:

  ♥ fantastic ballet dancer and pianist.

  ♥ random, caring, fun and AMAZING bestf / twin.

  ♥ pretty one with slit eyes. xD

♥ one i share random inside jokes with.


I wish you a great belated birthday. Hey let's forget that this post came late, shall we?.  :D

I love you to bits my dear. Always be that undeniably fun, random, lovable, PERASAN, free self of yours. Cuz that's what i love about you. :)

I still love it how people actually mistaken us for each other. ( Although i know you'd probably go, "i'm pweeeettier" )

Be that zaa that can look pain the face and go..
" oh no you don't hurt meh! "

Look to God in whatever you do. Remember who He is and who you are. Be grateful and thank Jesus for what He's done for you. Continue growing in Him and His love. It's all thanks to church we got to know each other and get this close. :)

Keep that butt of yours. Don't let it grow slimmer. Cuz that's what makes us pigites. xD   

I hope we'll look back at this someday and laugh. Still being the closest of friends (or closer).  

This is so cliche and soppy. but yeah. Love you too. :P

Thank you for being that other half of mine. HAHA. The sister i never had. It's still cool how it's Zara and Zoe ya know?  the Zs?  :D

Well miss cow, you gotta love her. 

you may think she's innocent. but she ain't.  :P

perasanness with RED. ; DERRIERE  ;  small eyes-big eyes.

that's with Checkary. her ever nutty brother. HAHAHA.

Hope you liked that. :)

Been listening to this song. And i dedicate it to yah. haha

Coz i never knew i needed you, til uh.. skip it. xD

Never Knew I Needed - Ne-Yo.

God bless Zaa. Happy sweet sixteenth.  :D

me, you, aiyo.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Would it kill you to shut up once in a while?
Would it kill you to act abit more mature, to act your age for once?
To stand up for what is right when it really matters?
To stop acting so childish and be an example for others for once?
Would it? Would it?

Would it kill you show people that you're not just that annoying little girl that goes around getting on every one else's nerves?

I was often labelled as the young, immature, random not serious one.
Why can't i stand up and show poeple that i actually have more to me than what they view me as now? 

I choose to be this way for now. to enjoy my chilhood and teenage years. 
I don't care if i get labelled as a KID or someone that is not taken seriously. 
I know what and who i am. i know i wouldn't survive a day being solemn.
It's who i am. at my age?  i don't think i should be all mature and speak with incredible intelligence
If every teenager in the world spoke like that, we'd have a whole world full of  boredom.
There have to be the ones that act silly. and i choose to be one of them.

You can't simply judge a person and put labels on them the way YOU want to. 
Cuz you might just be wrong. there is always more to a person than what he or she portrays, or what you view them as. 
When the time is right, maturity will come. just don't tell a kid to shush up or act more mature than his age just to save face, or to prevent yourself from having to endure needless rantings and noise. let a child be. they should be able to enjoy childhood.
Getting shushed up or told to control his or herself and getting embarassed publicly is the LAST thing a child wants, So don't do it to show that you're older and have the power to silence them. 

Sheesh you people. 

It's not that i'm asking you NOT to rebuke them neither am i asking you to dampen their enthusiasm. 
Tell them firmly but nicely. FOR THEIR OWN GOOD. and nothing more. 
i know. sorry, that just came out. :)

look into the mirror you yellow chicken.
banana fana fo-feather.  :D

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Monday, November 23, 2009

trust me?

the hols are here. i kicked of my hols in a very interesting way. =D   went for the


this year! woohoo!   no, not runner, as a
st john volunteer. HAHA. still.. :P    went to the headquarters at 10 at night on saturday.  had roll call there. met up with the people from my school. at 11 plus, we took a bus to queens.

yes, my station was at base. :)   base was queensbay.  so, i could actually see all the participants before and after their events. cool, no?  mom and dad didn't want me to be on the bridge anyway. so thank God. :)

PBIM was sooo fun. i saw friends there.  *grins*   

saw the half marathoners: joshua, chris, alan, bing hwang, justin, edward and penny!
quarter marathoners: camy, weng tatt, weng yee, chee yang.
fun runners: melissa and yuun xuan.  (didn't see kah heng and jon though).

so much for being a st john's volunteer. i didn't do my job. i feel so embarassed and guilty. hah. then why DID i do? i waked along the finish and starting lanes. gave support to the half and full marathoners. (cheerleader / sideline semangat giver.) saw josh, chris, bing and justin during the race.  

joshua had cramps, which was such a waste. chris and bing walked back. justin was so tired when i saw him.  was super worried cause he finished late. when he ws nearing the finish line, i went "go justin! come on! you can do it!"  and he went " wanna die de lah! cannot tahan!"   HAHA. was super glad seeing him finish the race, WALKING, not in an ambulance. haha.

after the runs, lepak-ed with camy, melissa and yuun xuan in queens. yes, we were stinky and sticky. xD   waited for dad to come outside coffee bean. chatted. when dad came, we said our goodbyes and hugged, then they walked to xuan's house. i went to church for a while to fetch mom and brother, saw the guys. HAHA. they looked tired!

yes it was a great experience.  :)  thinking of joinning the half marathon next year too. think i can?  :P   haha. 

random thoughts.

seriously, if you trust me. go and listen to:-

miley cyrus ft david archuletta - i wanna know you.

adam lambert - time for miracles.

keri hilson - energy.

orianthi - according to you.

five for fighting - this dance.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

what hurts the most..

she knew he was starting off the run with his brother and good friend. she knew that the friend could not keep up with him and that his brother would be with the girlfriend. she knew that he could take care of himself and run fast enough. she knew he could finish the marathon well in time. she knew he would do his best. she knew he could do it all. 

being considerably tired, she forced herself to stay awake and fresh to make sure she could see her friends finish that marathon. she forced herself to walk all the way back to the starting point to look for them. to wish them all the best. having walked and stood almost the whole night, she pushed herself past the hundreds of people to the starting point. she searched in the crowd. all those green shirts. although she didn't think she would stand a chance of finding them, she forced herself to screen through all of the people. but she missed them. by the time they realised she had been searching for them, she was a long way of. 

being quite dissapointed with the fact that she could not give them some encouragment before the run, she stationed herself in the middle of the lanes and looked at every participant that started running once that race started. her heart pounded against her chest as she thought about shouting out his name when she saw him. but no, she didn't see him. feeling dissapointed and down, she was determined to see him nearing the finish line and shouting his name then, just like how she had done for the others. 

she walked up and down the whole finishing lane five times or more non-stop. just hoping to see his face. and to even just be able to see him running and giving his best. she saw his brother, running with all his yeng-ness. she saw a many guys with green shirts running their hearts out towards the finish line. but where was he? it was already 45 minutes or so into the race. he couldn't have taken that long to cover that specific distance. she thought that maybe he had waited for the friend. or maybe he had a cramp. maybe the cramp that he already had was worse?  she worried. she worried alot. 

imagining the scene when he would be brought in by a stretcher to the finishing line. or in an ambulance. she paced faster and faster back and forth. by this time she had made seven or eight rounds back and forth to the traffic light. she still hadn't seen him. he couldn't have taken that long. she knew how he ran. she worried for his safety. she prayed to God to keep him safe. her eyes were swollen and her face puffy from lack of sleep. she still trudged on looking at every quarter marathoner with a hope of seeing him finish the race well. 

an hour into the race, she felt so weak on the inside. as if she couldn't continue looking for him. she wanted so much to sit down by the pavement and rest her body. but her love for him drove her back and forth. just to check and see that he was okay. she felt like crying inside. if he had really been carried in an ambulance to the finishing line, she would have cried her heart out there and then. but she held back. she forced herself to stay strong.

but by God's grace she saw his friend. she ran to meet him, and asked whether the friend had seen him. thankfully, he replied that he had seen him a few momments ago walking away from the finishing line, which meant that he had completed the race and was away from where they were. she felt a surge of relief pass through her body and almost collapsed. but she held herself steady and the both of them went to look for him.

a few minutes later, they saw him. the first time she saw him, she almost didn't catch her breath. he looked so good to her, the way he always was. in his shirt with his sleeves rolled up. her heart melted at the sight, but quickly hardened up again. he started talking to the friend looking at her occaisionally but not uttering a single word to her. she held her feelings back, smiled and nodded. his brother went to give encouragement and support to his girlfriend while the three of them wondered to the drinks tent. as she walked, she knew it wasn't the same. it wasn't back to normal yet. she knew it would never be.

they went around asking who had seen who during the race. and no one had happened to see him. she told him that she had worried since she hadn't seen any sign of him, only his brother. he didn't even bother to reply. he looked away and started to ask his friend whether he had seen his brother during the race. when his brother came to join them with the girlf, again they asked the same question. true, nobody had noticed him during the race, only his brother. his brother agreeing that he had seen her too.  again she said that she had been really worried about him since everyone she asked had not seen him throughout the race.

the five of them walked together in a  group for some time, talking about the marathon and the events happenening around them. never once did he return to that topic or even bother to say it was okay and that she didn't have to worry because he could take care of himself. no, she wasn't expecting him to say any of those, but just a simple 'thank you' or 'it's okay' wouldn't have hurt her at all. but none came out from him. 

soon, they separated and the girls went to find their other two friends. and that was the end. she never got to say goodbye to him. she didn't feel like doing so anyway. she was hurt

she really didn't want to feel that way. she was frustrated at herself for being concerned for him. she knew he would be able to take care of himself. why did she even bother?  why did she feel so uneasy when she didn't see him during the marathon?  why did she show a sense of worry?  why why whyy? she asked herself that question over and over again the whole day. but she never really got an answer. 

the truth was, that she still cared for him. it was pretty obvious to her right now, and she couldn't hide from that fact any longer. no matter what, it was as if the feeling was automatic. she couldn't help but care and be concerned for him. she worried for his safety. she thought it was over. but when she hadn't seen him on that lane, she immediately felt as if something was wrong. she couldn't not feel that way even if she had wanted to. she guessed that well, she had gotten too close. too tied up. her feelings were in a mess

so even if he didn't care for her, she still would for him. she would silently keep this feeling to herself, portraying it with acts of kindness shown towards him. although she knew that what she did would never be repaid or be replied in the same way, she would press on and give her best for the one she loved. no matter how much it hurt. she would take it all, until that feeling, went away..

what hurts the most, is being so close, and having so much to say..
but watching you walk away..
and never knowing, what could've been..

-what hurts the most. rascal flatts-

i'm sorry. silently, i shall try.. 

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's been going on..

Pictures of stuff that's been happening recently. =)


deborah and me. october '09. we rock all the kampungs. ;)


yi xin, me , ai lyn.

outing with the girls. these were in starbucks.   =]


my class T-shirt. so bangga of it weih.  :D  nice right? 

yes, my jersey. YES, NUMBER 4. i know right?  CESC FABREGAS.  *faints*

i edited these. :)  nampak old school sikit. xD  hehehe..my pinjam-ed jersey. total cool-ness.  


vanity. xD

whoopie. jasmine mraz.  :D

POOM!  *dies*

chubbs. haha. i corrupted nifhail's SD card with my SS pictures.  =]


makan saja tau. as they say. :D  owh well. 

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SPM candidates 2009!!

so yes, only TWO, no wait, one and a half days left to SPM. 

before you people go into your respective exam halls and plant your butts on the seats you're gonna be sitting on for the next few weeks, i'd like to say a few words. xD  

To all the SPM candidates of the year 2009..


i know, it's a totally MAJOR exam. probably the biggest high school exam for most students (in our country of course). you guys can do it!  i know you can.  =D    (so cheesy. haha.)

yes, alot of people from yp taking this year.  to all my


Tabitha, Stephen, May Lyn, Stephanie,Felicia and Joshua.

To those from Bible Camp,

Rachel Chan!  Esther Tan, Meng Xian, Adrian Siok, Gary
and some others i might not remember. :)

Those from school!

the gang - Suvika, Melvyn, Jia Ying, Jeanette, Ashikin, Aniq, Sheena, Durga, Uma.
Farahin, Anis, Zakirah, Tina, Hoay Wen, Ong.
SHING YEE mommy!  Camille, Samantha, Yolande.
Nathaniel, Syamil, Teik Hui..

the list is endless...

Those from tennis:-

Kaveta darling and Lim Yimei!

To any others whom i have missed out, All the best to you guys too!  Gambateh!!

yes, i've said my part. May God go before all of you, for those who are believers.  Remember, GOD is in control.  :)  Whatever results, he has given them to you.  =D

So do your part to change your future!  (haha. ultimate cheesy-ness. xD)

God bless you people!

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

So yes, that day we had FLOORBALL again. it wasn't exactly a CF thingy. just a fellowship-get-together-fun-thing to 'catch the people while they were still hot' (as pei puts it.) xD

jules and i followed tans to queens. had lunch there. pizzahut. yes tans, i won't speak to you anymore. HAHA. shall not ruin your fridays anymoreee.

went to tans's home. changed and headed to MSN.

had loadsa fun. could finally enjoy floorball properly this time without a super painful blister to hinder my movement. :)

did i mention? what made friday's floorball so awesome was the fact that the guys from YWAM (youth with a mission) came and played with us. it was great. seriously. made friends with most of them. i love adrian and joshua. :D my best friends from the YWAM group. =]

basically we were told that they pretty much travel around the world playing all sorts of sports. like whatt?? marce and i were thrilled at the thought of just travelling around the world playing sports. everyday. whoa.

pichas. x]

*yes eulene, you missed a whole lot. a WHOLE LOT.

kellie! from CANADA. her face so cute. haha..

desiree and kellie. yupp, desiree is such a nice namee.

horse shoe :D

josh lohmeyer
! the totally rocking ausie dude who is NUTS. absolutely. xD yes, my fingers at the side. HAH. josh said he took a kangaroo to school everyday when he was younger. BAHAHAH! *joke

! he wasn't feeling very well that day. but he still played superb floorball. he's more like the sporty dude. totally.
penny: eh! he doesn't seem sick at all lah! look at him go!
stephen plays TENNIS. ahh!! i miss tennis. :)

look at penny's expression. xD priceless. =]

ruben and another guy. i forgot his nameeee.
these two clicked so well.

the egyption dude! didn't catch his name either. :(

graham! HAHA. the ice hockey / volleyball dude. WHO CAN DUNK. fuhh. he looks really stern, but very nice to talk to actually. :)

that's boey, jules and nathan. yupp, nathan the captain. =D

HAHAHA. adrian (in white) and joshie. they are sooooo cute. hahaha..

didn't catch the guy's name either. with reuben on his left. (:

pei, rachel, nathan, boey.

random shot.

kew pei li
. SMKBJ CF president 2009 / 2010. great floorball player and leader. (: love you pei. HAHAHA.

chris!! yes, the super fit floorball dude. *looks at jASOn* HAHAHA.

chris take two. :)

christopher dengan pei li. briefing us on some stuff.

nathan and penny!

finally some good focus from tans. xD FACE OFF. the big dude and kyle. look at the size difference. :D

face off shot two. eurekaaaa.

stephen! love this shot. ;)

josh! he's really fast on the court.

justin! part of our 2-local-2-cocasian team. :D

penny and her mcD drink.

homies. :D christina, stephen, adrian and me.

haha. adrian is so cute. chubbs. xD

tans, me joshieeee and adrian LAZUARDI. haha.

*josh looks like a typical ausie. reminds me of steve erwin. :)

group shot # 1 : smileeee.

group shot two. =D

yes, tonnes and tonnes of fun. waiting for friend confirmations from the YWAM people on FACEBOOK. :)

everyone had a fantastic day.

THANK YOU GOD for making it yet another AWESOME day.

a note of thanks too, to:-

Kew Pei Li for organising the meeting, members and contacting the people in charge.
Chris, Edward and Penny for supervising, helping us with our meeting, giving floorball trainning, and bringing the YWAM people. :)

Tania Loke and parents (again) and Julia Tan. for those three hours between 12 and 3. :D

queens was FUN. tania's house was FUNNER. xD
*thanks for taking the pictures too, tans.  =]

chatting with graham now. they're having a service at gateway tonight! but i can't gooo. sadly. :(

it was so fun with you guys. come back to malaysia soon!

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