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Saturday, July 31, 2010


I need more of it if I'm gonna survive next year.

I be tired

Gravity, stop pulling me.

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GOD is in control, 12:26 AM.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I just realized that my bodehh is aching from yesterday's training.  

Ankle guard now in use.  ugh sprained ankles.  ==

People who ask me to sit in lady-like positions, not to whack people, who give me stares when i have fun acting tom-boyish.  Please la, i'm sorry that i don't live according to the way you want me to, but yeah.  I have no intentions of being a super girly girl at this point of time.  
So please don't make me.  :)

Thinking of doing a cover of a song sometime.  Any suggestions?  (:

28 km is long.  Shall have to start training.  xD

Jambulian Idol auditions start tomorrow!  WOO.

To all those who are traveling, have safe trips  and take careee.  

Oh you make it ever so hard.

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GOD is in control, 9:41 PM.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


me: "kampou, how many you take already?"

kampou:  "five."


kampou: *keh si*

TRAINING TODAY, the 24th of july 2010, was awesome.  seriously.  WOOOTS.  why? 

cause..  there were less than five juniors. we did the same drills as seniors, and we got senior training.  there were SO MANY SPARTANS today.  awesomeee.  xD     

heyy, for a junior, training and playing with a senior is fantastic okay.  not the usual junior training you get. it's differentttt.  one word.  NICE.

but for the seniors, a bunch of juniors dragging and slowing you down during training, giving blind passes and shots off target is well.. pretty much not the most wanted thing. *shrugs. 

anyways, i have to thank ee liang and kam pou for being great teammates. it was cool playing against the seniors.  experience?  totally there.  training was goood.  i enjoyed myself thumbs up!

now why am i so enthusiastic?  causee... 

-the joy of being in ming hwee's car talking crappy stuff (and not so crappy stuff) with him was rekindled.  :D
-we had 'FORUM HARI INI' during lunch.  LOL
-there were alot spartans. more than i've ever seen before. (Y)    even sharron and our two junior goalies were there!

AND, i did better (i feel) compared to how i played yesterday. my performance during school training yesterday was not impressive AT ALL.  so today kinda made me feel better.  :D

so yeah.  that was the awesome awesome (probably the awesomest) training i've had so far.   
so many SPARTANS.  WHOA.

"oh did i mention, i twisted my right ankle yet AGAIN." 

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GOD is in control, 10:33 PM.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I want people who stop by here to actually be encouraged after they read my posts. that was the main purpose from the beginning. But all i think i've brought is sadness, misery and more depression.  

Was looking back a some old posts. was close to tears yet again.  Nevermindforgetit.

Me and my heart we got issues.  HAHA.  that song has been stuck in my head for like, forever.  :)

Am lazy to  show my butt face for floorball trainings.  I need some encouragement!  
Penang Bridge Marathon.  Do you think 28 km could kill?

You Are My Strength. - Hillsong.

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GOD is in control, 8:55 PM.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



Now that i am, and have proven to myself that it's not impossible, next target..  60

50.  :D  mom was like, please la no way. pfft, can la.  xD  woots.

*All this is done just to remind myself that i don't care what others say, that i don't care about their opinions regarding my outer appearence.  Cause i'll guard my weight as i like.  I'll go even to 60.  Bah,

Who are you to tell me that i should lose weight and all?  BOO.  

ANYWAYS, these few weeks have been pretty taxing. Percy Jackson series  (Y) 

Oh and WK, no way am i gonna go to 45kg. LOL
Please don't crap here about beauty pageants ah.  I'd rather go kait a fly.  :P
They're so not my style.  xD

People make you or break you.
But they shouldn't.

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GOD is in control, 12:49 AM.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Percy Jackson.

I wonder if telling someone you miss them over and over again annoys them.  HM.

I miss frontliners. WOO.

Percy's my boyfriend. LOL.  why?  cause i'm Annabeth. HAHA.  No i am NOT Thalia (somebody called me that).  She punk. I no like. lol
Grover is funnay.  hehehe.  And a black. o.o    I didn't know that till yesterday.  xD
I always thought he was a white. Like one of those whimpey kids at school. Guess i was wrong? 

Sayang, thanks for being there yesterday.  :)
Thanks guys from school.  The support from you all this time has been highly appreciated, even though we didn't win.

Life goes on.

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GOD is in control, 4:25 PM.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


people. the weird one needs some time to breathe. LOL
been so busy. whoa. 

DIGI thingamajig finals on saturday. oh LORD please help us. and help me.

2nd of july was memorable.
IA games was the bomb!

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GOD is in control, 8:39 PM.

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