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Saturday, June 13, 2009


btw guys, i just watched the pacifier last nite and mamma mia on thurs.

they are AWESOME!!  vin diesel is SOOO HOT in THE PACIFIER!!~ ahahaxx....reminded me and my mom of CHRIS DAUGHTRY...aww..so hot!

MAMMA MIA was, well..dirty..xDDD  ahaha..for me lah at least.. but all in al it was a realli gud and entertainning show. for those ABBA FANS, a MUST WATCH! super gud the way they fitted the songs and the choreography and the lyrics in. xDDD i love it! thanks ku cheh..

hehehh.. just had to post that up.  =P

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GOD is in control, 10:26 PM.

sick post..

sick wicked post..

ahaha.. so yesh! i am finally back from a week long holiday sumwhere. was sick the whole week as some of u might already knoe..

had running & block nose, super bad sore throat and cough, fever, body ache and wat knots...

and and and...


yeah yeah..i KNOE..i didnt want it..so not my fault...but bleh..hu cares? it'll soon grow back again..and 

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."

~1 Peter 3:3-4

so yes..neways..i jus wanna say thanks a whole lot guys for all ur concern and care during the tme i was sick. =/ i appreciate it alot.. so, THANK YOU to:

ai lyn, melissa teoh, stephen, justin (fr temaning me), alan low, vincent, su lyn, hooi siang and the rest hu prayed. i ♥ u guys loads..

so now i'm currently feeling MUCH better. =) thnx a bunch. jus having an occasional COUGH and naughty nose. xD other than that, i'm cool. i can't wait for church tmr. gonna c the peeps! yay. ahaha. but aish, mah brother no. 1 has gone back kl, owh well..

the hols are almost over. i must say..i din have a very enjoyable one EXCEPT for on the day of the wedding and the day after..and well, the second week. other than that? t'was so-so. xD

shall try to update soon.. til then.

*yi xin and pu vern are back! yay!

*still missing them..

*exam results on monday! noooooo..die die die!

i forgot how it feels to be sick already. xDD it actually

feels weird. =P

i havent had a cough or sore throat for since like, i cant remember. xDDD this feels different. x]


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GOD is in control, 8:42 PM.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SUNDAY~ outing with the guys and captainball day! xD

so yeah..after a super tiring nite the nite b4...woke up and went to church the next day. ^^

went to church, and edith's dad was preaching that day. uncle KIAM CHIN. thanks for the very encouraging message!! then..the usual..fooled around with yi xin and sarah. ahaha..

at abt 11.30 or so, vincent said time to go deee..i was like, waa? so early ahh? they wanted to book the 11.55 tickets so that we cud have lunch after that, coz ah cent had to go home first and pick-up kenneth bcoz he din wana go, bcoz he'd already watched the movie with pu vern and zac. (: wanted to say goodbye to yi xin and poo coz they were leaving for camerons on sun. ryte after church. dat's y they cudnt join us for lunch and captainball. and she was in the toilet..and i was like..yi xin come out faster! and she was like..waitlarr..haiyoo..

when she finally came out oni she realised that we were leaving d...so we hugged as usual =P and she said her goodbyes to everyone...and to VINCENT..coz he was leaving dee ma...

then, me, ben, sarah n cent cent went to qb lorhh..haha..went there, met up with MELANIE and HOOI SIANG..hu already booked the tickets for 'MONSTER VS ALIENS' ~ the 11.55 show. hs bought his dunno wad super fattening corn thingy..ugh..

went into the cinemas....melanie sat nex to vincent(aik aik) followed by sarah, me, hooi siang and ben. pity ben..he was like so "pu vern-sick". he was so quiet the whole time. awwhh..he said it was bcoz he missed qu wern's craziness. i tot it was coz he missed yi xin. xDD ahaha...

M vs A was OK lahh..the last 20 mins i seriously wanted to go toilet dee..but tahan lahh...haha..
me and ben loved BOB. ~ a nickname for benzoate-ostylezene-bicarbonate ..B.O.B was so super funny lahh.and he was like: "i think she gave me a fake phone number" so funny!! me and hs think that insectosaurus was so cute!! haha...sumore with the big bug eyes and all...awwhh...and when he turned into a butterfly it was the shocking-est part of all. xP for a review of the movie: go HERE

after the movie, we caught up with stephanie and her bf. xD turns out he's from pcc. so we went to 'OLD TOWN white coffee'..ordered our food. mel and vince kena perli again. ahaha. pity them. =P

after lunch, vince drove mel, sarah and me to sarah's house. we chilled there for a while, checking out the wedding pichas, having gurl talk and doing relaxing stuff. then, at 4.45, we went to mel's house to get her shoes for captainball. while waiting, me and sarah VAINED. ahaha. it was fun. we reached church LATE. like, half-an-hour late. but they hadnt started yet of course. as usual. malaysians, waddya expect? xD actually the mahs and hs and the rest oso hadnt reached yet wert. so not our fault lahh...hehe

CAPTAINBALL was FUN. and very tiring. xD sumore play in the HOT SUN. was like asking everyone for sun-block. call me sisi i dun care. wait till u get SKIN CANCER then u knoe. =)
blocked matthew like crazy. *SORII MATT!* there were sum funny parts too. :)

after cb, said our goodbyes, to hs especially,coz he too was leaving. and vince drove me and ben chan home. in the car was also benji and kenneth. kenneth had to go to BJ for FUTSAL? gila lahh he. not tired wan. xD

then, when we reached home, re-filled water for the mah brothers coz they were too thirsty. LOL lahh..funnylahh they all. went to do the normal stuff after that.

ALL in ALL, they were


of fun.

*yi xin n pu vern will be back tonite from the IGGC camp.





....as i've said b4, we will miss u guys loads..u guys knoe that.

hope u guys like the presents~ ;)

*currently sumwhere. hoping to go SHOPPING!!~ feeling sleepy and tired.

*thank u deborah lor for the lifesong cd. awesome. ♥s

*cousins are sooo cute ♥

thanks fer reading guys! ♥


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GOD is in control, 1:35 PM.

Monday, June 8, 2009


saturday-the day i had anticipated the whole two weeks finally arrived. xD

vincent and hooi siang arrived in pg around 9pm like dat..[friday..]


woke up latee..hahahh...then, went to church for aaron and lee ying's wedding ceremony. arrived there abt 10.30?? no more seats left. saw everybody there. ahh..the crew lahh...

had tonnes of fun..taking pichas and all..the bride arrived and all..she looked reali pretty. ;)  we loved her dress! haha..and and..MAY LYN and TABITHA performed a song..the modified version of "everything" by lifehouse. xD u guys did great!!  we all loved it. xD  gud job man..

then..saw esther and edith there oso..haha..coz aaron was their father's best man or sumthing during his wedding. xD so yeah.

took lotssa pictures..then...of to qb!!  alot of us went..13 in all..i think..

actually hooi siang planned for it to be a birthday celebration for siew wei wan..but then, last minute she had to go to her aunt's /grandma's house..so she cudnt come..awhh...but anywayz...BLESSED BELATED B'DAY, SIEW WEI!! xDDD in the end, we ended up going to qb for lunch n kai kai. x)

those hu went:

me, sarah, justin,ah bing, jeffie, hooi siang, vincent, tabitha, natalie, yi xin, qu wern, kenneth and benji. ^^

we decided to eat NANDOs..LOL. we waited outside for like, ten minutes..jus waiting to be seated. maklumlahh..saturday mahh..alot of ppl. xD met wan chin n gang there oso. they wanted to eat at kim gary, but full, so they went to canton-i.  lunch was cool..we mostly shared food lahh.. me n tabs shared our meal. thanks dearie. then, tiba2, vincent bring out his 'BIG' money and paid. haha..then of course we all paid him back lahh..LOL

the gurls and guys separated coz hs wanted to go look at his thing..so we went window-shopping! xDD fun wieh..hehe..nuthing better to do. =P

then then..met up with up with them again outside the arcade..coz incent had to send yi xin and qu wern home. then..me, nat, tabs and sarah we walking here and there looking for the car xDDDD funnylahh weih. sumore in their HIGH-HEELS. pity them weii..so kolian. we walked for like, fifteenwhole minutes?? walao. 

then..went home, did SEJARAH. =.=""" sweat weih....haha..then then then..got ready for the wedding part two! the dinner larh..

went to RED ROCK HOTEL ( i think that's the name ) and went to the 'ever-supreme' restraunt for the wedding dinner. xP  yp was kinda separated into few tables. xD

our table: me, hooi siang, yi xin, christie, nat, sarah, tabs, felicia, justin see nd vincent. the other table: stephanie,adeline,zian,ai lyn, mayo, sara, zac, qu wern, kenneth and jason. =) the OTHER table: the OYP lahh..like justin, dawn, paul, heather, nic, jeffie, bing, connie and two more i think..hehehh..

TABITHA and NATTY performed 'i will be here' by steven curtis chapman. it was realli nicee larhh..altho sumhow they forgot the bridge. xD and tabs was so blur after the performance..ahaha..still, no one noticed ;) we had gud food there too! EVERYBODY loveeed the chocolate 'brownie' cupcakes. x) they were very nicely made. n super tasty weih...=P  dessert was gud too! hahahh..

went over to pu vern's table to help them finish up food. hahaxx..coz they were seriously wasting food and not thinking of the africans :) so i got squashed between zac and poo...lol.had fun plucking zac's white hair..and then we took picture of it..ahaha..funnylahh weii...

then nic suddenly came and pointed his videocam towards us and asked if we had anything to say to the newly wedded couple. and i was like this:

"hey aaron! i love u!!........*silence* oops, err..i meant, i love u and ur wife! LOL..congrats! and GOD bless u guys! xDDD  ehehe..all the best!"

then zac and pu vern were like..AHAHAHAAHHHHH...u're so dead. and ALL THE BEST? wad's there to be all the best-ed? xD and i was like..their future married lives? and then we cracked up again..

at the end, we had our yp group pic together with the bride and bridegroom. x]

aaron looked yeng in his wedding photos. his wife?? super pretty...her poses were so natural n the setting was perrrrfect~ haha..we agreed that she slimmed down alot worr..and was GORGEOUS.

sarah went back, terus upload pichas dee.. walao weih..haha...SO FAST~  xD

but she deleted the picha of me, vince and hooi siang without our specs. haish..i LOVED that pic. too bad larh..haiyoo..was my favourite special wan. owh well, we'll have more next time. hopefully? xD

pichas? another post larh.. oh, n the next post is abt SUNDAY: outing and captainball day~ xDDD

thanks fer reading guys..♥s

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GOD is in control, 12:53 AM.

Friday, June 5, 2009

okay guys, i knoe, super hard to read my blog. BEAR.WITH.IT.  


hahahh..will try to change it asap. but i do like the skin so much! owh well, till whenever,





GOD is in control, 3:26 PM.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


hey guys. haha. havent been blogging for like.. ahh, hu cares? neways..


LOL..so yeah..updates..updates..xD  anything else i missed out?



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GOD is in control, 10:43 PM.

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