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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Long Overdue.

OKAY so FINALLY I have the mood to blog. SPM IS OVER! :D (Well, it was over like, a month ago but OH WELL.)

So I stayed up till 7am in the morning watching LORD OF THE RINGS part 1. :D

Then on Thursday headed of to KL. Saturday had floorball matches against Gang Bintang and Tyttobandy!Co. Won both matches. :)

Chilled the next week. And went to KL yet again the next week for Penang Girls' last two floorball matches. We lost against Foxy Blizzard but won against Her-ricanes.  

So yeah, we got silver. Thanking God nonetheless. :)

Team Penang girls.  :)

Budak yang senantiasa bersedia untuk meminjamkan blanketnya kepadaku pabila aku tengah beku di tengah malam. 
Yang sentiasa membelikanku coklat dan makanan untuk menjadikan diriku gemuk. :P  

Vaining with the girls in Sunway Pyramid. (Ithink)
Love these three girls la! <3

Bottom picture:
Yin Hoong, the crazy Korean girl who has her iPod in her ears 24/7 and sings super funny.  :D 
Sarah, the good buddy that I can chill with and talk just about anything to. 'Emo' buddy. :D

Left for home on Saturday itself after supper there. Reached home around 4am on Sunday morning. 
Wanted to attend Sunday service later in the morning but parents didn't allow me to. They wanted me to sleep in since I lacked sleep. 


Got up at about 10, repacked my stuff and got ready to leave for Bible Camp. Left the house at 11 something. Went to the orthodontist's first to do ze braces. Then had lunch next door and headed to CCC.  

BIBLE CAMP WAS.. AMAZING. REFRESHING AND DEFINITELY FUN.  :)  I had A LOT of fun this year. Enjoyed myself thoroughly. Even though the activities planned out weren't very intense and were quite relaxing, we all had fun.
Learnt and experienced a great deal too.

I love my Road Runners group. <3


So after all the Bible Camp craze, had prom on the 21st. SO STRESSED OUT I TELL YOU. But Thank God everything's over and it all went smoothly. :)

Camy. Thanks for everything, girl. All the emo times, the sharing and caring. :)

Jodene. Friends since we were 7! :)
*Your stockings are still with me! LOL

Pose pose pose! :D

The girls. ;)
All blacks!  ♥

Jezzxdin ; Me ; Hilary ; Ru Sern.  :)  
Hilary an I go crazy with Jezz a lot. Ru Sern just blurss. :P

My BUTT-DY!  :D  ♥

Chee Yang. The guy who knows my history, who makes me laugh and is there for me a lot of the time. THANK YOU, YANG KOR!  :D

My 'half-date' for the night. HAHA 
My bestfriend, Harivindren. I'm gonna miss you, kawan. :)  ♥

24th December. On Christmas Eve we had caroling. Went to sing carols at 4 houses. On Christmas day had LORD's Supper in the morning till 10. 11am was Christmas service in church. We had lunch in church then headed home. I was so tired I slept for three hours. 

At night, went to Sarah's place for barbecue party. Then slept over. We watched Nasi Lemak 2.0.

*Muah muah!  HAHAHA.

Well, more like Sarah and I. Yi Xin and Natalie were too sleepy so they slept early. Next day, we woke up and headed to Taman Sri Nibong park for CAPTAINBALL.  :)
Came back home, rested and then went to Uncle and Aunty Low's place for late lunch.  Stayed there till 7 plus. 

The next day, had BIBLE CAMP REUNION at Greenlane Gospel Centre. Had great fun and my longing for them temporarily disappeared. Had AWESOME food and great games. Thank you Zheng Zhao and Natasha Chan for organizing the reunion. Great job! SUCCESS! ;D

Today, went out for breakfast with Natalie, Ai Lyn, Cheryl, Chee Yang and Adrian. 

Went to Nat's house to bake and after that, they came over to my place. We ate and ate and ate. :D  And SANG. Love my girls to bits!

Sadly, the crazy outings and fun will be ending soon. College starts on the 9th.


GOD is in control, 4:59 PM.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

That Girl.

Half crying while listening to this. 

One part of me wishes we really could be together. The other part knows we can't.  

I've missed you.

GOD is in control, 6:57 PM.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Me And My Hair.

Yes, I realized that my hair is very much like Christina Grimmie's now. Not that I'm complaining.. But I prefer my old hair. heh

GOD is in control, 4:53 PM.


Thanks to Ai Lyn who got me hooked on this song. Heheh. And this singer.  :P

And so, I shall just put up my wish list. For the sake of putting it up and letting everybody else know what I would like.  :D

Pertama. I mau.. A BEANIE. 

Ah, not very practical. But oh well. I like the comfort your head feels inside that beanie. You feel so snug in it. :D  HAH

  • Something from the RyanHiga store. Something TeeHee.  heh



  • Moving on.. As usual, I'd still like that Chelsea jersey. Old design or new one, don't really matter I guess.  :)

  • A camera. Need an easy-to-carry one. Although DSLRs do produce much better quality photos, I'd have to consider lugging it with me everywhere I go. So thus, I think if I had to choose, I'd pick a decent quality compact camera.  After all, you have editing software.   :)

  • A new floorball stick?  :3
Don't really care about whether it's a new model or not.  I'm not one to keep up with the Joneses.  

  • A laptop.  heh I'll prolly get one for college next year anyway. :D

  • New floorball shoes.  :)


Oh, just a note to all you people out there. Christmas is NOT about gifts. Not just bout giving, having fun, getting presents, Santa Claus, kissing under the mistletoe and all that stuff people these days say. 

It really is about remembering the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ into this world, more than 2000 years ago. :)  It's not the exact date though. They just picked a date so that we could celebrate it annually.Without all the confusion and what not. 

Thank You, Jesus, for coming into this world, for being my Saviour, for loving me so very much. Thank You for the salvation I can have in You. <3

GOD is in control, 1:40 PM.

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