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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


yes yes, i haven't updated untuk sekian lama. sorry la. super busy.

CHANGE YOUR WORLD's starting tomorrow in BJ. i am excited.   God please be in control.  


spearhead, be ready for us. cause we gonna shake you guys hard. :)

i LOVE 300.  awesome awesome awesome.

cracked my first ball. ( pei li's all star defender ball )
XD. whoops?

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GOD is in control, 3:38 AM.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

No Air.

what i did during chinese new year.  :)


i like this.  treeee.  







i like this one too. :)

♥s.  #8.

a random shot of leaves..  they feel 'magical'.  xD

 leaf shot.  :)

striking bougainvilleas.  #9.

take two.  #10.

i like this effect. has a wintery - cold-ish feel to it.  

it looks like a painting.  x]

my personal favourite.   =)
unique, no?   #13.

and there you have it. comments are very much welcomed and needed if i'm gona improve.  i know. i'm not a pro, and the camera's not an slr.

 but i tried.  =]

so tell me, how?

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GOD is in control, 5:05 PM.

smile. :)


so i have stuff to blog about. but you'll have to wait for my awesome posts them.  

coz well, i be busy.  hopefully can get them done by this week. ooh .. did i mention?
I LOVE floorball.   and the people IN floorball.  (:    they are great.  
or KY if you're reading this, i want the "crush" course!   pweaaasssseeeee.  

not going for BEE-JAY (bahaya) floorball workshop this saturday.  :(  
yes, there are obvious reasons.  neither am i going for paint your world. so HAH. 

captainball training is so .. so .... INTENSE.  what with the stanz and the pumping / push ups and the running and side-stepping around the field.  :O
arms paining now.  xD

owh well. it's for the best. SNGH-SAGH-BRGH FTW - for the win!  we are so gonna go all out for wave challenge.  

miss me. xD.

calvinism vs. arminianism. 

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GOD is in control, 4:41 PM.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Penang Floorball League. Division II.

100th post of this blog .. dedicated to 300.  (:

so i am now an official FRONTLINER (last time unofficial frontliner)  after months years of bugging from pei li. and... it is great being a part of the frontliner family.

Balik Pulau stadium ..  is big. that's what everyone keeps telling me. it's a full-length court. yes sonia, 40m x 20m.  so don't expect to tahan for long on the battlefield, without starting to pant and feel your muscles work.   and by panting i mean panting very HEAVILY.  

reached B.P stadium late.  thanks to unforeseen or foreseen circumstances. :D  
300 was already doing passes, then stretching and warm-ups.  we had some light 'drills', helping our goalie get used to the surroundings.

there we were. at the first PFL div. II  match of the season. the much anticipated,

vs. FIREBRANDS.  epic, no? 

after our very semangat spartan cheer lead by assistant coach michael, it was time.  a little confidence boost and line one was on the court, on the battleground.  two minutes seconds into the game, vincent lim, a firebrands player got sent off. two minutes, for wearing white shorts. not uniform they say.   :O

line two then went in, the usual routine.  frontliners 300 managed to hold firebrands in the first half of the match at 1-0.  something they were very proud of. an achievement, obviously.  but as coach kuan yang reminded us, the battle was not over yet. and he was right. 

in the second half. it was obvious that 300 was getting tired. physically.  and for some, mentally.  it was a challenge persevering on court, hearing your leaders giving orders, with stern and unimpressed looks on their faces. a few mistakes, and more goals were conceded. fortunately two weren't counted.  300 was pushed to their limits, and pushed hard they were.  even so, kyle and tristan showed excellent spirit, running after every ball, upping their game.  the others were trying their best, applying what they had been trained as much as they could in the match.

" stick to the formation! "  
" fall back! FALL BACK! "
" go up GO UP! "

" where are you supposed to be zoe?  WHERE IS YOUR POSITION? "   was ringing in my ears. each time i looked at ky's face and heard his voice, telling me to run for the ball,  it gave me reason, reason to run, to hope, to give my 110% on court.  not to fail the team.  

new as i was, with whatever little experience i had, i hadn't been exposed to the formation before. i wasn't exactly sure of what my role was or what my positions were. i was technically, tactically and physically weak.  i followed blindly, running unnecessarily and getting furiously frustrated.

despite all that, i gave my best. played my heart out,  reminding myself of how spartans were supposed to play. how they were supposed to go on; against all odds, not giving up no matter what the circumstances were

finally, when the last whistle blew we breathed a sigh of relief, but for me it was more of anguish. we hadn't won.  not that we had lost, NO. the war wasn't over.  just that we hadn't won.  going back on the court, shaking our opponents' hands, deep down inside, it felt good, but at the same time it was dissapointing. hearing ray gan's voice, thanking firebrands for a good game, it was a great picture of sportsmanship.  it taught me  sportsmanship.  it's not just about the game. the post-match counts.  crediting your opponents for their good play. it's all well DESERVED.

quickly collecting our scattered stuff, we headed outside for debriefing.  coach gave us his view of the match.  told us our weak points and flaws.  despite all the hoo-ha, man of the match went on. and our MoM was none other than omprekash, our GK.  he the man!  :D
and the special once-in-a-lifetime award went to miss sonia frances gopal (3/4 indian, 1/4 chinese ..  i dunno where the 'frances' came from though), who turned
seventeen that day!  happy 17th birthday sonia!  hope you had a great one.   

being me, i wasn't really satisfied with my performance. you might say, know your limits.  i think i quite do.  and that certainly wasnt my best.  

those who followed ming hwee left earlier, while the rest of us, proceeded back to the stadium to watch the first half of spearheards against trailblazers.  alot of confidence, spearhead showed.  especially, their GK syahmie, who sempat pose in front of goal post sumore.  XD

so that was it.  my first no wait, second big match.  interesting?  i would say so. beneficial, definitely.  it tests your mental fitness,  it definitely tested mine.  

i bet everybody gained something from the first match. the worst is over.  the outcome?  4-0.  an achievement, i would conclude.
 we'll be working our butt off for the next matches.  300 can definitely do better with more training, a little bit more respect to the coaches and kuat-er mental.   i promise i'll be giving my best.  

and i wanna use pei's dslr so badly.  xD

3, 2, 1 ..  ooo FRONTLINERS!

and now my tummy hurts,
coz i laughed at JASON too much.  :D

professional, professional.  xD

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GOD is in control, 6:15 PM.

300 Spartans.

I am honoured. This is my commitment. my joy. my team

" And all you who bear witness ....  this is my pride. 

Spartans ... this is our pride."

c'mon 300.

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GOD is in control, 1:13 AM.

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